A Glorious Victory for Donald Trump and American Patriots


by James Buchanan

After months of deliberately dishonest liberal polls that were meant to deceive the American people and create an illusion of popularity for the life-long crook and all-around despicable abomination, known as Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump has scored an impressive and historic victory! Trump not only had to fight against the extremely deceitful Hillary Rodham Clinton; he had to fight against his own party, which refused to spend RNC money on his political campaign and which repeatedly tried to stab him in the back and desert him.

Trump also had to fight against the mainstream media, which had conspired with Hillary’s campaign manager, John Podesta, who attends satanic rituals in his spare time. Donna Brazile forwarded CNN debate questions to Hillary enabling her to cheat as noted here.

Even in the last week of the election, the shameful ABC poll claimed that Hillary was eight points ahead. Fox News, which is apparently a shill for System Republicans, claimed that Trump was behind by five percent. The always dishonest NBC poll claimed that Trump was six points behind and Reuters claimed that Trump was eight points behind!

The biggest worry facing many patriots was not that Trump would lose, but that Hillary and her cronies would steal the election. The most brilliant thing Trump did during his campaign was to call out Hillary and the Democrats as corrupt and completely inclined to steal the election. By putting the spotlight on those criminals and by announcing that he planned to use poll watchers and exit pollers, Trump put a limit on how much the Democrats could steal. Most likely New Hampshire, Nevada and Virginia at a minimum were stolen by the Democrats. Still, Trump managed to win with an impressive 304 electoral college votes in a devastating defeat for the corrupt status quo candidate.

Americans finally have a bright future where the rule of law will finally be restored. The invasion of America by poor, needy Third World illegal aliens will stop. Muslim sleeper cell terrorists will no longer be let into America by politicians bribed by the Saudis, and American jobs will no longer be outsourced to Mexico and China by politicians, who betray America with treason treaties like NAFTA and GATT. We are entering into a glorious new age of American politics in which political correctness has been soundly defeated and patriotism is the new normal.


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