Trump Leads IBD-TIPP Poll by 2.4% and L.A. Times/USC Poll by 5% Going into Election Day


by James Buchanan

Going into Election Day, Trump holds a five percent lead in the L.A. Times/USC Poll and a 2.4 percent lead in the Investors Business Daily-TIPP Poll. The IBD-TIPP poll has one of the best records for accuracy, and the L.A. Times/USC Poll is a large sample (over 3,000) scientific poll that makes a serious effort to include new voters, which is a key distinction over traditional polls, which assume all elections are pretty much the same, and that only the opinions of “likely voters” should be counted with likely voters being defined as people who voted in the last two elections.

Most of the pollsters refuse to see anything unusual in this election, namely the extremely high negatives of Hillary Clinton, who is seen by most Americans as a thoroughly corrupt and dishonest System politician. These pollsters also fail to see the appeal of Donald Trump as a highly competent political outsider, who could bring his business and deal-making skills to the presidency to stop the outsourcing of American jobs, the swamping of America with Third World illegal aliens and the infiltration of America by radical Islamic terrorists. All three of those issues are extremely popular with ordinary Americans, but the mainstream media “pundits” and Hillary Clinton react with scorn and derision every time someone suggests that those are important issues that should be given top priority.

The liberal media pollsters have an obvious bias for Hillary, and it’s no surprise that they’re using voting patterns from 2008 to predict the 2016 election. The lazy option is to go with what has worked in the past and to ignore new factors. Add to this, the collusion between John Podesta and pollsters, where he was giving them instructions on how to bias their polls by over-sampling in Hillary’s favor as noted in a ZeroHedge article.

The most obvious sign of which way the election is headed is the incredible enthusiasm for Donald Trump, who has been holding two mass rallies per day for months. Trump has been filling up sports stadiums all across America, with tens of thousands of cheering fans. Meanwhile, Hillary during those brief periods of time when she’s healthy enough to appear in public, has been holding one failed rally after another. The liberal media has been doing its best to cover up this colossal failure of the Hillary campaign, but it’s all over the Internet for anyone to see. A recent rally with basketball star Lebron James was only able to draw 300 people. Tim Kaine only drew 30 people to an outdoor rally in Florida. Bill Clinton only had maybe 100 people in a rally held in a mall.

The only thing that can keep Donald Trump from a victory on election day is massive vote fraud by Crooked Hillary and her cronies. Thankfully, Trump and his allies have organized poll watchers and exit pollers to spot any fraud that Hillary and her crooked team may try to pull off.


Big Trump rallies



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