Democrats Try to Pave the Way for Vote Fraud


by James Buchanan

There have been several news stories about voting machines in Texas flipping votes from Trump to Hillary as noted here. There is speculation that Hillary and the Dems (and probably the System Republicans) were plotting to rig the Texas election for Hillary. If Hillary could steal Texas, that would make it nearly impossible for Trump to win.

Thankfully, public outrage has forced many Texas precincts to switch from electronic ballots to paper ballots. Also, Trump’s poll numbers are sufficiently high in Texas, that the theft of that state would be glaringly obvious vote fraud.

Still, the events in Texas prove that the Democrats are up to their usual dirty tricks of trying to steal as many votes as they can. Believe it or not the Democrats even sued to try to stop Americans from poll-watching and exit-polling in four states. One article reports “Leaders from state Democratic parties in four states have filed federal lawsuits against Donald Trump, Trump advisor Roger Stone, and state Republican parties for ‘conspiring to threaten, intimidate, and thereby prevent minority voters in urban neighborhoods from voting in the 2016 election.’ The legal effort is lead by Marc Elias, the general counsel for the Hillary Clinton campaign.”

“The lawsuits filed in Nevada, Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Ohio are asking a judge to stop the defendants from monitoring polls, verbally harassing voters, and following them around to take pictures.”

This lawsuit of course is complete garbage. How is asking people, who are leaving the polling place, whom they voted for, voter intimidation? The exit pollers will not be wearing any Trump buttons or hats or t-shirts. They could easily be mistaken for Democrats –except of course, the Democrats never do exit polling because that might expose their voter fraud operations.

If someone has the legal right to vote in the U.S., they will NOT be intimidated by exit pollers or poll watchers. What the Democrats are afraid of, is that people with cameras might catch illegal aliens voting in Arizona and Nevada, and they might catch inner city voters being bused around from precinct to precinct in Ohio and Pennsylvania to vote multiple times for the Democrats. Someone with a camera should not intimidate a legal voter, but that’s not what the Democrats are worried about.

An article from reports “A federal judge on Friday said he will issue a restraining order against Donald Trump’s campaign and longtime adviser Roger Stone to avoid “harassing or intimidating conduct” at polling places on Nov. 8 Election Day.”

“U.S. District Judge James Gwin did not specify exactly what will or will not be allowed but said the order would likely be generic and prohibit both Democrats and Republicans from harassment of people entering and leaving polling places.”

“‘It wouldn’t be any attempt to particularly identify as somebody being a Trump supporter or not,’ Gwin said.”

“The judge also appeared unlikely to tinker with those poll observers whose names are submitted by each political party and are then approved by county boards of elections.”

“It also seemed like many of the actions he would forbid in his restraining order are already illegal, though the order could result in a contempt charge for anybody accused of violating it.”

Needless to say the exit pollers working for Trump and/or Roger Stone had no intention of interfering with voters, and as the article notes interfering with voters is already illegal, and the judge’s ruling appears to be largely redundant.

The good news is that it appears as though exit pollers will be able to do their jobs with no new restictions placed on them. The Democrats were hoping for a blanket banning of all exit polling by Trump or Roger Stone, which would allow the Democrats to steal the election with no way to contest it in court. The fact that the Democrats tried to do this proves that they already have plans to violate election laws with illegal aliens voting and inner city Democrats voting at multiple precincts as they have often done in the past.


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