Are Liberal Pollsters Using the FBI Scandal as a Cover to Correct to Reality?


by James Buchanan

An article on ZeroHedge reports “Earlier this morning we wrote about the obvious sampling bias in the latest ABC / Washington Post poll that showed a 12-point national advantage for Hillary. Like many of the recent polls from Reuters, ABC and The Washington Post, this latest poll included a 9-point sampling bias toward registered democrats….”

“Now, for all of you out there who still aren’t convinced that the polls are ‘adjusted’, we present to you the following Podesta email, leaked earlier today, that conveniently spells out, in detail, exactly how to ‘manufacture’ the desired data…”

So Wikileaks basically confirmed what many of us had suspected: that most of the polling for this election was being rigged in Hillary’s favor.

An article on GateWayPundit reports “HILLARY CLINTON Loses 11 Points in WaPo ABC News Poll in ONE WEEK… Never trust the Liberal Media…. ‘Hillary Clinton was ahead of Trump by 12 points last weekend’ (according to a Washington Post “poll”). The crap poll made headlines for days. Today Hillary is up by one point. (Their) poll last week was complete fiction. And now they are trying to cover their a$$ before the election. Watch Donald Trump pull ahead by 5 points in the next week.”

Hillary was never ahead of Donald Trump this election. All the polls that claimed Hillary was ahead were heavily over-sampling Democrats or were total fabrications. During the primary, the Republicans had a total of 26.1 million votes versus 22.1 million total votes for the Democrats. Not one pollster however has used this key information to over-sample Republicans in their polls by 18 percent, which would have put Trump way ahead of Hillary from day one.

A poll taken before the Wikileaks exposure of the DNC plotting against Bernie Sanders, showed that 40 percent of Bernie Sanders supporters were NOT going to vote for Hillary. It’s a fair assumption that the percentage, who won’t vote for Hillary, went up after the Wikileaks data drop. Even if you assumed that the election was going to be close back in June, a mass desertion of this magnitude means that Hillary cannot win without stealing the election through massive voter fraud, which is what many Alt-Right pundits have suspected was her “Plan A” from the beginning.

It’s true that the liberal media has carried out some major mud-slinging against Trump, especially in the month of August and again in mid-October with a series of accusations from women –some of whom praised Trump in e-mails just months earlier and one of whom was a porn star, apparently the new “gold standard” of credibility for the liberal media. None of the accusers have taken lie detector tests unlike Clinton victims, Kathleen Willey and Paula Jones, who both passed lie detector tests.

The mud-slinging only seemed to have temporary effects. Most Americans know that last minute sex accusations flung out in the closing month of an election with no supporting witnesses (or lie detector tests) are about as valuable as a stack of 100 dollar notes from Zimbabwe.

Hillary however has had the crown of criminality firmly restored to her head thanks to both Wikileaks and the reopened FBI investigation. The liberal media was doing its best not to report ANY of the Wikileaks revelations even though the plotting to cause violence at Trump rallies should get Hillary a criminal racketeering charge. CNN had the chutzpah to tell its viewers that it would be a “crime” for any of them to possess any of those Wikileaks e-mails that were “stolen” proving once again that CNN thinks that its viewers are retarded.

But what do you do now with Election Day fast approaching if you are running the polling department for CNN, ABC or CBS and you know that your numbers for Hillary have been 15 percent too high for the last four months? Well, you could bring those numbers rapidly down in the last week leading up to the election and just pretend that everyone changed their minds at the last minute… or you could take advantage of the reemergence of the FBI scandal ten days from the election and blame the changing poll numbers on that!

The liberal pollsters were trying to create a new reality by saying one thing and hoping that people would conform to it. They were hoping to demoralize Trump supporters (and they probably have partly succeeded with people who don’t realize how dishonest most of the pollsters are). They were also hoping to energize support among Hillary people. They probably have given many liberals a false sense of optimism, but that just annoys the Trump supporters, which makes them work even harder on the blogs and other social media.

Still, you’d think that more people would realize that Hillary’s near-total inability to get any kind of respectable turn out at her rallies was a sign of impending doom –especially with Donald Trump packing two sports stadiums per day with wildly enthusiastic Americans in every state, he visits. At the very least this shows that Trump supporters, who are willing to stand in line for hours, just to see Trump, are more likely to show up and vote on Election Day. Meanwhile Hillary supporters won’t even bother to go to the local mall or high school auditorium to hear one of her speeches for free (which normally costs a donor $250,00) and they will probably sleep through election day if they even know when it is.

Americans are rebelling against corrupt politicians this election, and Hillary is the Queen of Corruption. Most of the polls appear to be rapidly shaving points off Hillary’s poll numbers in the last few days. They may be taking advantage of FBI e-mail-gate Part Two, and blaming the massive change on that, but most of the change is due to the fact that Hillary was never plus 10 or plus 6 or even plus 3. The L.A. Times-USC Poll, which is a large sample, scientific poll not controlled by the liberal media (although the L.A. Times did pay for it) has Trump winning by 3.6 percent. The liberal media polls need to shave several more percent off Hillary’s numbers to get closer to reality.


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