Trump Internal Polls Show Path to Victory


by James Buchanan

Remember the Wikileaks’ e-mails about how the DNC was giving orders to the various liberal networks about how they wanted the election covered? Well another round of Wikileaks’ e-mails has shown that Democrat big shot John Podesta was sending out instructions to various pollsters about how they could over-sample their polls to guarantee that Hillary would do well. In short, virtually all the polls that the public has access to have been heavily fudged to favor Hillary and aren’t worth wasting your time on.

This means we need to look at things like who can hold the biggest rallies to determine which candidate is the most popular and who has the most enthusiastic followers. If you go by that standard, the race isn’t even close. Trump is dominating the race, holding two big rallies per day in sports stadiums with crowds of 20, 30 and 40 thousand. Hillary’s rallies can best be described as pathetic. She can’t even fill up a high school auditorium. Some of her rallies are complete flops, with a recent Tim Kaine event having only 30 people. Hillary’s failing health has prevented her from holding many rallies, further worsening her situation.

There’s one more source of information, which can give us an idea of how the election is going, the internal polling data that each presidential candidate has. Hillary isn’t sharing her internal polling data, but Trump is. In a recent e-mail to his supporters, Trump has announced that he has effectively locked up 266 electoral college votes –just four short of the 270 needed for victory. Hillary only has 193 electoral college votes.

Several states are “swing states” that Trump has a good chance of winning including New Hampshire, Florida and Pennsylvania. To get four more electoral votes, even the small state of New Hampshire would get the job done.

This is fantastic news for Donald Trump, but don’t expect to hear this on the mainstream media. They want you to think that Hillary is winning. Just ignore all their lies and propaganda, encourage all your friends to vote and pull the lever for Trump on election day. No one really likes Hillary, not even her husband. On November 8th, we can finally retire Hillary and put a real patriot into the presidency, Donald Trump.

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