The Presidential Election: Brexit Times Five


by James Buchanan

Just prior to the Brexit vote in Britain, all the liberal media pollsters were predicting a landslide victory against Brexit. Their arrogance was everywhere, and their derision and contempt for people who supported Brexit was total.

But a funny thing happened on election day; Brexit won. The people of Britain voted to leave the politically correct dictatorship known as the European Union with its mandates that every nation accept a flood of African and Muslim “refugees” who have a nasty tendency to rape anything White wearing a skirt and who sometimes carry out terror attacks with large body counts like the ones in Paris and Nice, France.

An article in the Guardian reports “‘We will win,’ he (Trump) told a rally in Pennsylvania on Friday. ‘We will shock the world. This is going to be Brexit-plus.’”

“Earlier, in North Carolina, he promised to go ‘beyond Brexit’. By evening, ‘Brexit times five’ was coming.”

“On one level, the pep talk is not as crazy as it sounds. Not only has Trump confounded expectations all year, but like those campaigning for Britain to leave the European Union, he has closed within touching distance of his opponent several times already.”

“Four weeks ago, on the morning of the first presidential debate, his position in key swing states was so strong that the statistician Nate Silver estimated his chances of overall victory at more than 45%. After the Republican convention in July, Silver briefly projected Trump would win.”

One important question that no one is asking is whether the recent mudslinging against Trump has really caused voters to switch from Trump to Hillary, or have they merely suppressed the Trump vote, the same way they suppressed it throughout the primary by calling Trump a “clown.”

Seriously, can you think of one person, who has woken up to Hillary’s legendary corruption, who is going to embrace that demon simply because Trump has had a hefty dose of mud flung on him?

I can however see some wobbly moderate, who is picking up the phone and talking to a female poll taker, who probably doesn’t want to say out loud that he’s supporting Trump this week.

The Wikileaks data dumps regarding Hillary can only be described as “catastrophic.” The liberal media is doing everything it can to avoid talking about these so it’s taking a while for this information to trickle down to the masses through the Internet via the “deplorable” Alt-Right media. The liberal media is racing to every press conference held by Gloria Allred with the latest alleged porn star victim, but somehow they can’t cover the fact that Hillary was violating federal election laws and committing racketeering crimes by paying thugs to incite violence at Trump rallies.

We’ll find out soon enough what the American public thinks is more important, but one thing is certain: The election results had better agree with the exit polling, or Trump is calling out the System crooks for stealing the election.

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