A Politically Incorrect Halloween


by Jeff Davis

Is there anything that Political Correctness can’t screw up?

I mean, what can I say about this? Even a few years ago I would have thought this article was a parody or a put-on. It’s not. It’s gospel truth.

A Breitbart article reports: “In a latest measure to create a ‘safe space’ for students, a number of universities have issued ‘costume protocols,’ banning such un-PC Halloween costumes as Arab turbans, feathered Indian headdresses, Japanese Geisha outfits, and Caitlyn Jenner costumes.”

“Brock University in Ontario, Canada, for instance, has set up a website laying out its ‘Halloween Costume Vetting Protocol,’ complete with a list of offending costumes and pictures of inappropriate wear. In a twisted bit of illogic, the university stated, ‘In order to create an inclusive and diverse environment, some costumes may be denied.’ Apparently, inclusive and diverse here means ‘if your costume is too diverse, you will not be included.’”

“’If a member of your party is denied entry because of their costume, they will be escorted to a space where they can change or remove the offending item,’ according to the protocol. ‘They will not lose their place in line during this process, and can enter Isaac’s once the costume has been deemed appropriate by team of Isaac’s Bar and Grill Management and Student Justice Centre Staff.’”

A big part of costume parties IS dressing up in some unusual costume, often with a foreign theme.

Let’s see… would a pirate’s costume be too insensitive to people, who are actually from the Caribbean? I suppose a Genie outfit for the girls would be insensitive to people from the Middle East. Dressing up as an Indian chief is obviously some massive violation.

I suppose the radical feminists will want to ban the sexy nurse as demeaning to women.

Dressing up as a cop would probably offend all the “Black Lives Matter” lunatics.

You can’t dress up as a clown this year because of all the psycho clown loonies running around.

Gee, what’s left? Well, I don’t want to culturally appropriate anything that isn’t European so I guess I’ll have to dress up as a Nazi Stormtrooper this Halloween, that should solve the problem of political correctness.

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