Why Haven’t Any Trump Accusers Taken a Lie Detector Test?


by James Buchanan

It’s hard to believe anyone would take sexual harassment accusations seriously especially when they come in the closing weeks of a political election. This has “dirty politics” written all over it, and considering that Hillary Clinton is the opposing candidate, it seems like a sure thing.

Perhaps, the Democrats have schemed that a quantity of charges will overcome quality. Judging from the first accusations to come out, the quality in terms of anything provable or believable is definitely lacking.

First of all, several of the accusations mention nothing more than Trump kissing the women on the cheek. In what alternate universe did this suddenly become “sexual harassment”? One of the women was praising Trump in e-mails just a few months before she decided that he sexually harassed her. One woman claimed she was sexually harassed in the first class section of an airplane (before Trump got his private jet). Another passenger who was on that flight has come out strongly denying that anything happened and that the woman in question was overly flirtatious with Trump. In the latest accusation, a porn star claims that Trump kissed her on the cheek and then offered her money for sex. Porn stars are among the most likely individuals on the planet to have incurable STDs. Somehow I doubt Trump would choose a porn star for a fling.

Thanks to James O’Keefe doing a sting operation on the Democrat Party, called Project Veritas, we found out that (1).The Democrat Party was responsible for causing virtually all the violence at Trump’s rallies this year and (2).the Democrat Party is also plotting to carry out massive vote fraud.

Now if the Democrat party would break the law and cause violence at Trump rallies, what are the chances that their fingerprints are all over this smear campaign against Trump and that it’s also a fabrication?

When women came forward accusing Bill Clinton of sexual assault and rape, the liberal media went after these women, even though several of them took lie detector tests to support their accounts. Kathleen Willey, who was groped by Bill Clinton, passed a lie detector test as noted here. Paula Jones, who was paid $850,000 to settle her sexual assault charge, passed a lie detector test as noted here.

So when is the first Trump accuser going to take a lie detector test? I seriously believe that you could find a million liberal women willing to make up accusations against Trump just to protect their access to abortion.

Trump doesn’t even pose any immediate threat to abortions. Years down the road, some Supreme Court Justices, that he picks, may decide that murdering fetuses is not a Constitutional right.

Then, some of the more conservative states might vote to ban abortion. A woman intent on having an abortion would then have the inconvenience of having to drive to another state to murder her baby.

Is the liberal media asking any of these women if they’re motivated by a political desire to keep abortion legal everywhere in the U.S.? Probably not. And even if they did, they probably should have them hooked up to a lie detector for that question too.


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