Trump Wins the Third Presidential Debate by a Landslide


by James Buchanan

The Drudge Report Third Presidential Debate Poll has Trump winning with 87% of the 808k votes. Some folks might say it’s funny how Trump always wins these online polls by a landslide, but Hillary is somehow still looking competitive in the mainstream media polls …after they apply a variety of filters and adjustments such as over-sampling Democrats.

Trump spent the Third Debate largely reminding voters that Hillary has been in politics for 30 years and hasn’t accomplished anything. Trump also reminded people about five times throughout the debate that the Clintons supported the disastrous NAFTA treaty. During the First Debate, Trump’s mention of Bill Clinton signing NAFTA caused an enormous spike in Google searches apparently hitting a nerve with the voting public.

Hillary tried to claim that she was not against the Second Amendment and not for Open Borders. I suppose you could describe this portion of the debate as the “I have zero respect for your intelligence” phase as she claimed the complete opposite of the truth. Hopefully, anyone with at least a 90 point IQ saw this as more proof that Hillary will say anything to get elected.

Hillary blathered on at great length about what she would do in Syria, forgetting that she’s largely responsible for the current fiasco there and should have zero credibility. (Even worse Hillary and Obama have suggested creating a “No Fly Zone” in Syria, which could easily lead to World War Three if Russian aircraft were shot down by the U.S.)

Trumped talked about getting the border under control and that he had the endorsement of the Border Patrol. On guns, Trump repeated his strong support for the Second Amendment and that the NRA had endorsed him earlier in the election than they’ve ever endorsed a candidate for president. Trump mentioned the recent James O’Keefe expose’ of how the Democrats would cause violence at Trump rallies sometimes by hiring mentally ill homeless people.

Trump suggested that Hillary return money to certain Middle East nations that have a horrible track record with women’s rights, but Hillary was strangely silent on this when she had a chance to respond to this. Trump also pointed out that Haitians are extremely angry at the Clintons, who were supposed to administer over ten billion dollars in foreign aid after the 2010 earthquake. Trump pointed out that six billion dollars disappeared in the State Department when Hillary was running it. Hillary said that wasn’t so, but The Washington Times ran an article in April, 2016 with the headline: “State Dept. misplaced $6B under Hillary Clinton: IG report”.

Overall, Hillary didn’t seem to have any believable answers to any problems, and it’s fair to say she created the current problems in the Middle East and her husband, who signed NAFTA in December, 1993 (with her approval) caused the outsourcing of millions of Americans jobs leading to the high real unemployment and less than one percent annual economic growth that we’re suffering today.

Trump appears to be doing considerably better in the Third Debate Drudge Poll than in the Second, which was more of a melee -which seemed to please his supporters, but wasn’t the best tactic for recruiting moderates. Trump went back to his less confrontational, but assertive approach from the First Debate, and it appears to have paid off for him.


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