40 Percent of Bernie Supporters Won’t Vote for Hillary


by James Buchanan

Hillary Clinton recently held a rally at Temple University. Despite 38,000 students attending that university, she only seemed able to draw a handful of people. Aren’t college students supposed to be mostly liberal mush-heads, thoroughly brainwashed by their Marxist professors, who would be thrilled to see a big name liberal politician?

Normally that might be the case, but Bernie Sanders was the big favorite among college students this election, and Wikileaks exposed the DNC collusion with the Hillary campaign which plotted against him. Many people believe the collusion went even further to include massive vote fraud and the stealing of the primary for Hillary. Perhaps this is why college students aren’t all that excited about Hillary Clinton.

Voter turn out at the 2016 Democrat primary was down 20 percent from 2012. The Republicans had four million more total voters than the Democrats in the primary suggesting a lot more enthusiasm for Trump than for Hillary. And there is a serious rift in the Democrat Party that is not going away. Millions of young Democrat voters voted for Bernie Sanders, whom they saw as an “outsider.” Now that Sanders has lost, they are being told to vote for someone, whom they see as dishonest, corrupt and the ultimate “insider,” Hillary Clinton.

A Bloomberg news article reports “A June 14 Bloomberg Politics national poll of likely voters in November’s election found that barely half of those who favored Sanders — 55 percent — plan to vote for Clinton. Instead, 22 percent say they’ll vote for Trump, while 18 percent favor Libertarian Gary Johnson. ‘I’m a registered Democrat, but I cannot bring myself to vote for another establishment politician like Hillary,’ says Laura Armes, a 43-year-old homemaker from Beeville, Texas, who participated in the Bloomberg poll and plans to vote for Trump. ‘I don’t agree with a lot of what Trump says. But he won’t owe anybody. What you see is what you get.’”

“…As some Sanders fans see it, the primary was not a simple preference for purity over pragmatism, but a moral choice between an honest figure and someone whom they consider fundamentally corrupted by the ways of Washington…”

“Eric Brooks, 52, a community organizer in San Francisco, won’t be among them. ‘I will absolutely never vote for Clinton,’ says Brooks, a Sanders supporter who participated in the Bloomberg poll. Although Brooks indicated in the poll that he’ll support Johnson, that is not his intention. ‘I’d be okay voting for Johnson as a protest vote,’ says Brooks.”

There are two important things to note about this poll. One is that it was taken before the DNC e-mail scandal exploded in the middle of the Democrat convention. The internal plotting by the DNC will only further anger the Bernie Sanders voters, and will result in even more of them staying home on election day.

The second issue is that Hillary can’t win with a badly splintered party. The liberal media seems to be glossing over this fact and assuming that all the Sanders supporters will quit being upset and line up for Hillary. This shows a fundamental misunderstanding of the anti-System attitude of the voters this election. It’s not just Trump supporters rebelling; many Democrats have woken up to the fact that you can’t trust someone, who’s taking massive donations from Goldman-Sachs and the Saudis.

Many pollsters are still asking people “Do you want Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump?” Before they count those Democrat votes, maybe they should ask “Were you a Bernie Sanders supporter and will you still be voting?”


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