Wikileaks: Clinton Advisor Told Hillary to Stop Lying About Bernie which “she often does”


by James Buchanan

A NewsMax article reports that in a “March 3 email to John Podesta, former media commentator Brent Budowsky also accuses Clinton of ‘often’ lying in her attacks on then-primary rival Sen. Bernie Sanders.”

“The email was among the additional 2,000 emails Wikileaks posted Monday morning that appear to be from the account of Podesta…”

“Budowsky suggested Clinton ‘look for issues where she can dovetail with Bernie [Sanders]” to appeal to his supporters. He also suggested that Clinton’s knocks against Sanders were unfair, saying she should stop attacking him “especially when she says things that are untrue, which candidly she often does.'”

Well, that’s certainly interesting considering that Trump was pummeled by smears in the month of August, and the Dems have launched yet another smear campaign in mid-October to try to beat down Trump’s poll numbers.

Why are the Democrats so fearful of Trump with virtually all the polls showing Hillary ahead? Because virtually all the polls are garbage. They’re over-sampling Democrats even though Democrat enthusiasm is almost non-existent while enthusiasm for Trump is through the roof.

The L.A. Times-USC Poll was commissioned by the L.A. Times to get a highly accurate view of the election. The liberals at the L.A. Times were certain that Hillary would win and that this poll would just be a formality, which would track how far ahead Hillary was of her opponent. Unfortunately for Hillary, it has revealed how far Hillary is behind Trump!

Most of the polls ASSUME that Hillary will get as big a turn out as Obama and Trump will get an anemic turn out much like Romney or McCain. Both of those assumptions are being used in 95 percent of the polls currently being done. Just because they all agree with each other, doesn’t mean that any of them are right. More likely, all of those polls based on those two assumptions are badly wrong.

With that said, the L.A. Times-USC Poll is likely the most accurate poll that the public has access to. It has shown Trump faltering only twice since July. During the month of August when the entire liberal media went into an insane Trump-bashing mode, Trump’s numbers were driven below Hillary’s by a few points.


The media appears to be repeating their smear tactics against Trump with an attack that began just before the second debate, but this time the effect was not as strong. The liberal smears only managed to bring Hillary up even with Trump for a few days, and now she’s falling behind Trump again. Perhaps, the liberal media has earned itself a “chicken little” reputation, and the public has decided that their frantic screeching is not worth listening to.

As usual, the media liberals are out of step with ordinary Americans, who were rebelling against System politicians in both parties. Democrats, who were sick of System politicians, were swarming for Bernie Sanders. Republicans, who were tired of being betrayed, opted for Donald Trump. It’s pretty obvious who the candidate of rebellion is and who the old stale candidate of traditional corrupt politics is, and this will probably come as a pretty big shock to media liberals on election day after all the pro-Hillary lies fall flat and people vote for a candidate, who isn’t a whore to big business and the Saudis.


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