Trump Already Bouncing Back from Latest Round of Media Bashing


by James Buchanan

Donald Trump appears to be already bouncing back from the latest smear campaign from the mainstream media. It seems that no matter how many times the mainstream media attacks Trump for being crude or for speaking his mind bluntly, those attacks only have a brief effect and Trump starts gaining in the polls again as soon as the liberal media runs out of ammunition.

What Trump’s opponents always forget is that Trump’s counterattacks are always wildly more devastating than the enemy’s attacks against him. During the second debate Trump pointed out that:

  • Hillary’s husband, Bill has been credibly accused of rape by Juanita Broaddrick, who was sitting in the audience.
  • Hillary’s husband, Bill had to pay out over $800,000 to Paula Jones to settle her sexual harassment lawsuit. Bill also lost his license to practice law because he lied under oath.
  • Hillary as a lawyer defended a pedophile rapist, who attacked a 12 year old girl. Hillary was recorded on tape laughing about her guilty client taking a lie detector test.

Trump apologized for using lewd language and engaging in “locker room talk” but how does Hillary apologize for getting a pedophile rapist a mere two month sentence, who should have gone to jail for decades? How does Hillary apologize for Bill Clinton raping Juanita Broaddrick? How does Hillary apologize for threatening that rape victim?

The L.A. Times-USC Poll is probably the most accurate poll that the public has access to aside from the internal polls that Hillary and Trump are doing. Why do presidential candidates do internal polling? Because they know that most of the polls done by the liberal media are either not very accurate or deliberately biased to favor the Democrat.

Consider the fact that the Republicans got four million more total votes than the Democrats in the primaries. (26.1 million to 22.1 million.) Despite this much greater Republican enthusiasm, most pollsters are assuming that Hillary will get a bigger voter turn out than the Republican. In reality, Hillary is much less popular than Obama was in the last two elections. She needs to win millions of moderates and very few people outside of the traditional rich liberals, disgruntled minorities and angry feminists like her. Everyone else in the country thinks she’s a crook and would no more trust her with the presidency than they would trust a homeless person with the keys to their car.

The college liberal/socialist branch of the Democrat party wanted Bernie Sanders, and they feel that Hillary cheated him out of the nomination, and Wikileaks confirmed the fact that the DNC was working to undermine Bernie. Hillary has alienated a large portion of the traditional Democrat voter base. And believe it or not, there are some Democrats, who are not happy about a life-long political crook running for president. Thanks to the Internet, there’s very little doubt that Hillary has been neck deep in corruption for decades, and this actually does bother some people on the Left.

Not only does the L.A. Times-USC Poll show Trump bouncing back and regaining the lead, a recent Rasmussen poll showed Trump two percent ahead of Hillary, and the Trump campaign in a surprise move has made public some details of their internal polling (see video below) that shows Trump is headed toward a decisive victory on election day. So don’t let all the liberal media lies and fake polls that over-sample Democrats demoralize you. Our enemies are liars and crooks, and their first instinct when they fall behind is to increase the lies and mudslinging, but it isn’t working for them this time.


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