Why Can’t Hillary Draw a Crowd?


by James Buchanan

One liberal pollster after another claims that Hillary is ahead of Trump, but there’s something very odd going on. Trump is drawing crowds of 20, 30 and 40 thousand people everywhere he goes and Hillary’s attempts at rallies are absolutely pathetic for a serious presidential candidate. I’d expect the Green Party or the Peace and Freedom Party (if it’s still around) to have the sort of small turn outs that Hillary is routinely getting.

As if the low turn outs aren’t bad enough, it seems Hillary isn’t even trying to hold rallies anymore. She’s sending out her husband, Bill, who is increasingly confronted with protestors, who have “Bill Clinton is a rapist” t-shirts and signs.

Hillary apparently needs to take several days to a week off to build up her strength before a presidential debate. At least one medical expert as noted here has speculated that Hillary may be taking a “Drug Holiday” which involves stopping certain drugs for a few days so that when the patient starts taking them again, they’ll be more effective. With only 24 days left, it’s absolutely stunning that a presidential candidate would take a week off the campaign trail. Hillary was able to attend a few fundraising meetings, including a recent one in Beverly Hills, with her fellow Democrats and the media excluded. I guess you can’t stop a Clinton from showing up for easy money even if they’re half-dead.

I doubt if there’s an election in U.S. history in which a presidential candidate has taken so much time off the campaign trail. Hillary appears to be relying on the mainstream media to pummel Trump with negative news reporting. There’s just one little problem: Only six percent of Americans trust the mainstream media to report the news honestly. 94 percent of Americans expect to see a bias and after this election that percentage should increase to 99 percent. The biased reporting had no effect, except maybe a reverse effect on Trump during the Republican primaries. CNN was arrogantly sneering at Trump as a “clown” candidate, but Trump wound up winning the primary with almost 1,000 more delegates than the runner up, Ted Cruz.

Virtually all the liberal media pollsters are over-sampling Democrats in their 2016 polls because in the last two elections, when Obama was running, more Democrats than Republicans came out to vote. There’s one little problem with that: We’ve already seen Republicans turning out to vote much more strongly than Democrats. 26.1 million people voted in the Republican primary versus 22.1 million people voting in the Democrat primary. Based on that, the polls should probably be over-sampling Republicans, but none of them are.

Even worse for Hillary is the division in the Democrat Party over how Bernie Sanders was treated. All the leftist pundits are saying Democrats never hold grudges and they’ll all line up for the party’s candidate on election day, but the Democrats have never run a candidate, who is as unlike-able as Hillary Clinton due to her remarkable history of corruption and dishonesty. A poll that was taken after Hillary “won” (or stole) enough states to clinch the nomination found that 40 percent of Bernie Sanders supporters said that they would not vote for Hillary as noted here. Even worse news for Hillary was that about half of that 40% said they were planning to vote for Trump.

It’s true the Democrats have the wealthy liberal class behind them along with angry minorities and most of the LGBT crowd, but that’s maybe a third of the population, way short of a majority. To get to a majority, they need to convince millions of moderate voters, who need things like jobs and good public schools for their children and who worry about crazy Muslim terrorists turning up in their communities. It doesn’t help that Obama was bringing in children from Somalia and Honduras with Third World diseases and rashes by the thousands into their local community.

Hillary has a “hard sell” to convince these moderates that more liberalism is what they want. It also doesn’t help that she’s making virtually no effort to even show up in the big cities of the swing states to show that (1) she’s healthy and (2) that she actually cares about Ohio or Florida or Pennsylvania. There has been speculation based on the minimal efforts in the state that Hillary has given up any hope of winning Ohio as noted here. Then again, Hillary isn’t holding any rallies anywhere lately. Is it possible for a candidate to win a presidential election, who doesn’t even bother to show up? I don’t think so.


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