Tim Kaine Loses V.P. Debate to Mike Pence


by James Buchanan

In possibly the worst debate performance of all time for an allegedly serious vice presidential candidate, the American people were subjected to one of the most rude and obnoxious displays in living memory. Was Kaine deliberately trying to get people to turn off their TVs as early as possible in the debate because that’s the effect he was having on people?

It probably didn’t help Kaine that Mike Pence has a better record as governor. Pence helped reduce unemployment by 113,826. Meanwhile Kaine added 179,249 to the unemployment roles in his state. (Democrats probably see more people receiving unemployment as a positive since that means more people dependent upon the government.)

Normally the vice presidents don’t matter much, but this particular election cycle with considerable speculation about Hillary’s coughing fits, head-bobbing seizures, strange eye movements and her collapse on Sep. 11th, some people think Hillary might die very soon into her presidency and this obnoxious lunatic, who literally can’t behave himself in what-should-be a civil debate, could become the president!

An article on the Hill.com reports “The Republican National Committee claimed Tim Kaine interrupted Mike Pence and the moderator over 70 times during Tuesday’s vice presidential debate.”

“Shortly after the debate ended, the RNC made a quick note of Kaine’s aggressive style in an email to reporters.”

“The email simply included a pair of tweets from reporters, citing specific voters being turned off by the Democratic vice presidential nominee’s style.”

“Undecided voter in Ohio says, ‘Kaine came off like a jerk’ tonight. Adds that he ‘reinforced’ some of the negatives about Clinton…”

“In a separate statement, RNC Chairman Reince Priebus described Kaine as having ‘desperately flailed away with empty platitudes and constant interruptions.’”

The only thing making the debate tolerable were the Tweets from Donald Trump, which provided more information than the headache-inducing performance by Kaine. I wonder how many people muted the debate and just read what Trump had to say.

A Drudge Report debate poll had Pence being chosen as the winner by 95 percent of 250,000 voters (at the time of this article).





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