Trump Won Debate despite a Biased Moderator and Hillary’s Cheating


by James Buchanan

The Hillary Clinton campaign headquarters must have been in turmoil this week. Hillary was able to rig things so that she got almost nothing but softball questions. Trump was pounded over the head with cheap attacks borrowed heavily from the GOP primary debates and a great deal of Trump’s time was wasted having to respond to nonsense and mud-slinging. So why did the polls show Trump winning the debate by a landslide? The Drudge Report Poll with 1.1 million votes had Trump winning by 82% and the CNBC poll with 1.2 million votes had Trump winning with 67 percent. How could this happen? Well, for one thing the American people are not all idiots contrary to what Hillary Clinton may think.

People can see when the debate is rigged and when the moderator is acting like a tag-team partner for Hillary hammering Trump and totally discarding any pretense of holding an even-handed debate.

Despite having the deck stacked against him, Trump coolly stood his ground and battled back against Hillary’s snarky remarks, failed attempts at humor and outright lies as well as the moderator’s ridiculous bias, which will forever brand Lester Holt as nothing better than a liberal hack who served the cause of evil when his moment in history came and went. People admire a man who can fight his way through despite the odds. That sort of man would make a good president. Does Hillary think she can get Lester Holt to moderate negotiations with Vladimir Putin?

Since the debate, a number of interesting details have been revealed. Hillary Clinton had a considerable amount of electronics strapped to her back. The Hillary trolls and apologists have raced forward to try to explain it all away as part of a lapel microphone. It’s true that Trump and Hillary were wearing wireless lapel mikes (even though they each had a large wired microphone right in front of them). There’s one little problem with that excuse. A modern wireless microphone looks like this:


A wireless microphone for a presidential debate is likely to be even more advanced and miniaturized than that already small package.

If you want a good match for what was duct-taped to Hillary’s back, then consider the spy gear pictured below:


Whoever found that did a great job matching it up to what’s bulging under the back of Hillary’s pantsuit. If Hillary were smart, she would have had a descrambler box so that no one could electronically eaves drop and find out how much off-stage advice Hillary was getting. The more sophisticated the descrambler, the larger the box, it would need.

But why cheat with a wireless earpiece when you can have a teleprompter too? Hillary appeared to be looking down several times during the debate. Some folks were asking why she was closing her eyes so often, but she was likely just looking at the small teleprompter screen. The following pictures show an apparent teleprompter screen lit up on Hillary’s podium. The screen powers down as she walks away from it. Now we know why the Democrats insisted on building a special podium for Hillary. Don’t hold your breath for CNN or MSNBC to comment on how unreasonable it is for Trump to have to debate against a whole room full of Democrat wonks off-stage as Hillary reads their comments.


A youtube video that goes into greater detail about Hillary’s teleprompter can be found here:

It’s not especially surprising that Hillary would cheat and use her influence to turn the moderator, Lester Holt, into her obedient slave for the debate. Hillary was caught with a more obvious earpiece in the Commander-in-Chief forum. What’s surprising is that Trump did so well. Hillary’s popularity continues to plummet. If it weren’t for liberal media polls that heavily over-sample Democrats, things would look hopeless for Hillary. Unfortunately for Hillary, she probably knows that the polls that made her look competitive are fake. The highly scientific large-sample L.A. Times/USC poll has shown Hillary behind Trump for over two weeks with Trump now leading her by over four points.



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