Hillary’s Health Problems


by James Buchanan

Hillary’s doctors were somehow able to adjust her medication so that she didn’t fall apart in the first presidential debate. Unfortunately for Hillary, she’s still the same old big government liberal, and the Drudge debate poll with 1.1 million votes has Trump winning with 82 percent, and the CNBC poll with 1.2 million votes has Trump winning with 67 percent.

There have been so many health problems attributed to Hillary, that it’s becoming difficult to keep track of them all, so I’ve compiled this list along with video examples of each problem so that anyone interested can check them all out.

1). Head-bobbing seizures. Only one has been caught on camera. The Democrat hacks behind Hillary don’t react at all suggesting that they know this can happen with Hillary. The reporters were surprised.

2). Wandering Eye Problem.

3). Coughing Fits.

4). Can’t climb or even go down stairs normally

5). Falling down problem (either something is making her clumsy or she’s so low energy she got exhausted going up one flight of stairs)

6). Has trouble going up or down just one step on a podium or entering a van without assistance

7). Hillary getting confused/completely losing track of what she was saying (and probably where she was for that matter… really “great” quality for a Commander in Chief).

8). Hillary completely fainting on 9/11 and needing to be caught and dragged into a modified van with a lowered floor.

Watch her foot. She’s dragged into van.

Joseph Paul Watson has almost five million views on his video about Hillary’s health, which played a key role in breaking this story. His video was posted on August 4th:

Watson added the follow-up video after Hillary fainted on 9/11:

Clearly, there’s something seriously wrong with Hillary and it isn’t “allergies” or the world’s briefest case of pneumonia. Several doctors have suggested Parkinson’s Disease, but Hillary Clinton will continue to cover up her medical problems and the liberal mainstream media will censor this news.

Dr. Drew was fired from his TV show for daring to mention Hillary’s health problems, and Michael Savage’s radio show with an audience of 20 million people was abruptly cut off the air when he began talking about Hillary’s health problems as noted here.

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