Trump Wins First Debate by a Landslide


by James Buchanan

Going into the debate, the biggest topic of conversation was whether Hillary could last the whole 90 minutes without a coughing fit or without her eyes going wildly out of sync or without her getting wobbly and fainting like she did on 9/11. To the disappointment of many, she was able to make it through the debate with no obvious problems, but she was still the same big government liberal that most Americans don’t want and the post-debate online polls seem to be confirming this.

The Drudge Report Debate Poll has Trump winning with 80 percent of the vote and a total of over 204,000 votes. This is a truly devastating result considering that the Drudge Report website has 1.5 billion views per month. The CNBC poll had Trump winning with 61 percent of the vote.

Hillary basically recycled all the cheap shots made by Trump’s Republican rivals made during the GOP primaries. There’s just one little fact, Hillary’s forgetting: They all lost to Trump.

Trump mostly stayed on his message that he would renegotiate trade deals and bring jobs back to America. Trump had to waste some time defending himself against all of Hillary’s (dishonest) attacks, but he wouldn’t let her get away with smearing his record. It would have been nice if Trump had pointed out that most of Hillary’s wealth has come from thinly-disguised bribes in the form of “speaking fees” from the likes of Goldman-Sachs and more bribes to the Clinton Foundation.

The most searched item for the debate was when Trump pointed out that Bill (and Hillary -she claimed she was a co-president) supported NAFTA and all the job-outsourcing that came from that.



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