The Hildebeest vs. Donald Trump Round One


by James Buchanan

The first presidential debate between Hillary and Trump will take place today, Sep. 26th at 6pm Pacific Time. Up until now, the liberal news media has been able to act as a filter ignoring gaffes and serious health problems involving Hillary while often taking things Trump has said badly out of context to try to make him look bad.

Now Americans get to see both candidates without any filters. It’s possible there may still be bias built into the questioning and they might fill the audience with liberals, but that should become obvious in the first few minutes.

Donald Trump has done remarkably well in the Republican debates despite some extremely hostile treatment form the allegedly conservative Fox News and some fairly tough questioning from other networks.

Hillary however has been treated with kid gloves by the mainstream media, and it will be interesting to see how she responds if anyone dares bring up her massive violations of national security laws, which should have landed her in jail. Hillary’s glaring health problems should also be among the questions for her especially considering that she had a complete collapse on Sep. 11th caught on several cell phone cameras, whose videos went viral and exposed Hillary’s frail health.

The Clinton Foundation is an even bigger scandal that will probably not be addressed. A Fox News article reports “The IRS confirmed in a letter it is looking into claims of “pay-to-play” practices at the Clinton Foundation, after dozens of Republican lawmakers requested a review of potential ‘criminal conduct’ at the organization founded by the family at the center of this week’s Democratic National Convention.”

It’s pretty glaringly obvious that Hillary was engaged in massive corruption as Secretary of State. There’s a youtube video called Clinton Cash:

This video details some of the corruption. Hillary for example gave a waiver to avoid oversight in how they spend foreign aid money to Nigeria after Bill Clinton received $1.4 million in speaking fees from Nigeria. The Clintons played a key role in overseeing billions in relief money that was donated to Haiti in 2010 after a 7.0 earthquake. Many Haitians have complained that the aid never got to them.

I doubt if the debate moderators will bring up any of that, but Donald Trump might, which could make this particular debate one of the most interesting ones, we’ll ever see.


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