“Liberal Bed-Wetting” over Looming Hillary Defeat


by Jeff Davis

There is now apparently an official designation for liberal panic over the Hildebeest’s increasingly bleak chances on November 8th. It’s called “Liberal bed-wetting.” The ultimate comment on this came several days ago when a cartoon in the New Yorker magazine showed a woman in a psychiatrist’s office, and the shrink was saying to her, “I’ll give you a prescription for Hillary’s pneumonia.”

An article from TheWrap.com reports: “I ran into Republican pollster Frank Luntz at the HBO party after the Emmy ceremony at the sprawling Pacific Design Center. A few feet away, ‘Veep’ winner Julia Louis-Dreyfus was fending off a crush of well-wishers while HBO chief Richard Plepler had just come from finding his lost cellphone.”

“What’s going to happen? a group of eager Hollywood acolytes wanted Luntz to tell them. Would Hillary Clinton manage a win? Luntz was wearing a burgundy vest and his signature Prince Valiant hairstyle, and shook his head sagely. ‘She’s going to win, but I can’t say anymore that it’s for certain,’ he said. The group recoiled.”

Of course a lot of them have large amounts of money riding on the Beast as well as ideological considerations. Hollywood is one of the Democrats’ main pools of mega-donors. Liberals have an arrogance about them which is stunning for anyone, who comes from a sane part of the country. Liberals just know that their cult-like obsession with abortion on demand, open borders for everyone, especially Muslims and the “transgender rights” movement are all the height of enlightenment and they simply can’t understand that ordinary Americans can’t stand them.

The article continues “Onstage at the Emmys, host Jimmy Kimmel and many others mocked Donald Trump. (After accepting her award for comedic directing, “Transparent” director Jill Soloway told reporters that Trump is an “inheritor to Hitler.”) But offstage, Hillary Panic was rife at the pre- and post-Emmy parties, where Hollywood usually dresses up to celebrate television. This year, many Hillary supporters were seized by election nerves.”

“Luntz told HBO partygoers that Hollywood Democrats are out of touch with the rest of the country. ‘Of the 20 closest people you know, how many of them are voting for Trump?’ he asked. Long pause. ‘Exactly.’”

It’s hard to imagine anyone took any of those phony polls dished out after the DNC convention that showed Hillary ahead seriously. Some of the mainstream media pollsters are still over-sampling Democrats to show Hillary ahead. The L.A. Times/USC Poll however is a scientific large sample poll (that doesn’t blindly exclude people who didn’t vote in 2008 and 2012) and it is showing Trump 7 percent ahead of Hillary. (I bet the liberals at the L.A. Times are kicking themselves for commissioning that poll, but then they were certain Hillary would actually be leading Trump.)

One wonders how big Trump’s lead will be after Hillary has yet another coughing or fainting incident on camera. The American Mirror reported that Hillary doesn’t have any events scheduled for the next six days leading up to the debate. She will still likely be listless and sleepy due to all her medication just as she was when she had to answer questions about the New York bombings.

If the liberals are getting panicky now that Hillary’s weakness is first becoming obvious to them, one wonders what they will do on Election Day when Trump has a landslide victory over the old corrupt pantsuit.


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