Three More Terror Attacks; Islamic Terrorists Have a Foothold in America


by James Buchanan

Three terror attacks in New York, New Jersey and Minnesota in the week following the 911 anniversary have reminded Americans that we have a continuing problem with Islamic terrorism in America, which has been made worse by the willful ignorance toward the problem shown by politicians like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

An article in the Los Angeles Times reports “A series of… attacks in New York (and New Jersey) and Minnesota caused mostly minor injuries… but may have added new strains to the country’s political fabric.”

“The most serious incident took place in a shopping mall in St. Cloud, Minn., where a man stabbed nine people, one critically, before being shot to death by an off-duty police officer. The Islamic State group took responsibility for the Saturday night attack through one of its news agencies, and the man was described as asking potential victims whether they were Muslim.”

“The motivation was more baffling in a series of crude bomb attacks in and around New York City. An improvised bomb exploded Saturday night in a garbage dumpster on West 23rd Street in Manhattan, shattering windows and spewing glass on passers-by. Twenty-nine people were slightly injured.”

“A similar device, made out of a pressure cooker, was found unexploded a few blocks away on West 27th Street. The woman who found it told The Times that it looked “like a child’s science experiment.”

“Ninety miles away, in the resort town of Seaside Heights, N.J., a pipe bomb exploded Saturday morning in a plastic garbage can near the route of a 5-kilometer charity run. There were no injuries, but the run was canceled.”

Notice how the L.A. times tries to downplay the seriousness of these attacks. In the New Jersey attack, a local media article reports “A large explosion was heard in New Jersey early Monday near the scene where a suspicious package appearing to contain pipe bombs had been discovered near the Elizabeth transit station.”

“No damage was immediately visible, but a light odor of what smelled like gunpowder wafted through the air.”

“There was no immediate word from authorities on whether the explosion might have been a controlled detonation of the device found a few hours earlier, but no warning of such a blast was given beforehand, and officers in front of a yellow police line at the station were startled by the explosion.”

An article in the U.K. Telegraph reports “Federal authorities have reportedly detained five people with possible links to the New York bombing as the US reeled from three attacks in 24 hours.”

“New York was on high alert after the explosion rocked the Chelsea district of Manhattan injuring 29 people, one seriously, on Saturday night.”

“US investigators on Sunday were studying possible links between the bombs in New York, including an unexploded device, and New Jersey over the weekend, although no evidence had yet emerged tying the devices to known extremist groups.”

“The country was shaken further by a stabbing attack at a Minnesota shopping mall that wounded nine…”

“Thousands of people were milling around one of Manhattan’s most fashionable areas when the blast ripped through the area shortly after 8.30pm local time.”

Notice that the L.A. Times tried to claim that the bombing in New York was no big deal. The UK Telegraph was honest enough to tell us that one of those people caught in the blast was seriously injured, and a blast that injures 29 people is far from a minor incident.

By pure luck, a pressure cooker bomb, similar to the bombs that caused over 200 casualties in the Boston Bombing by Chechen Islamic terrorists in 2013, was found and moved by two men who thought it might be valuable, and who quickly recognized it as a potential bomb and called police.

Every time there’s an Islamic terrorist attack in America, it’s another reminder that the Democrats have a literally insane immigration policy that leaves our borders wide open to Muslim nations with serious terrorist problems. This is why so many news agencies are trying to downplay these incidents, deny that they involve Muslims and even lie about the casualties and seriousness of the aftermath. The liberal media does not want the continuing wave of Islamic terrorism to turn voters away from Hillary Clinton, who wants to greatly increase the number of Syrian “refugees” that America takes in

The fact that these three attacks took place so close to the 911 anniversary is strong evidence that the attacks were Islamic terrorism unless of course you’re part of the liberal media, then you can’t make any obvious conclusions that might make the Democrats look bad.


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