Hillary Forced Secret Service Agents to Break their Protocols on 9/11


by Jeff Davis

The Sea Hag is not only above the law, she’s above the security protocols of the Secret Service who is supposed to protect her.

The New York Post reports: “Hillary Clinton was originally headed to an emergency room following her frightening collapse at the Sept. 11 memorial ceremony — but detoured to daughter Chelsea Clinton’s apartment to keep details of her medical treatment under wraps, The Post has learned.”

“Secret Service protocol called for the Democratic presidential nominee to be rushed to a state-designated Level I Trauma Center in the wake of her Sunday morning health crisis, sources said. In Manhattan, that would be Bellevue Hospital. But a campaign operative decided to change course to avoid having Clinton seen by doctors, nurses and other medical workers who could leak details to reporters, according to a source.”

And the Secret Service ignored their own protocols and obeyed this “campaign operative” instead? Admittedly, it seems unlikely that Hillary was able to say much besides “Glub, glub, gurgle, snort” for the first few minutes after her collapse. I suppose Huma may have enough political muscle to speak on Hillary’s behalf, or perhaps satan chased Hillary’s demon spirit back into that wreck of a badly abused carcass that she calls home, and Hillary was able to screech out a few orders to the Secret Service before they could check her into the hospital as they should have.

The article continues “In addition, Clinton’s van was supposed to be escorted by an NYPD protective detail, but the Secret Service whisked her away from Ground Zero before cops could accompany her, another source said.”

“On Sunday, the campaign initially claimed that Clinton left the 15th annual observance at Ground Zero because she ‘felt overheated’ — before revealing hours later that she was actually suffering from a bout of pneumonia diagnosed Friday.”

It’s amazing that Hillary and her staff can keep tossing out lie after lie, and the liberal media and welfare class accept every syllable that comes off her forked tongue. One thing is for certain, if they’re admitting that it’s pneumonia, you can bet your last dollar that it’s something far worse than pneumonia and of course pneumonia can kill you. One medical expert has meticulously gone through all the evidence and “seizure” videos of Hillary, and made a strong case that Hillary has Parkinson’s Syndrome as noted here.

It seems as though the liberal media is happy to go along with the pneumonia excuse (probably because to question it might force her to drop out). Millions of moderate voters however may not be so happy with this cover up job. What good is all of Hillary’s “experience” if her brain function is getting increasingly impaired by seizures and strokes? Remember all the things Hillary was not able to remember in the many Congressional investigations that have swirled around her. (Well, yes, she probably was faking memory problems to weasel out of answering questions, but it is fun to hit her with that charge after the dozens of times she pretended not to remember.)

Getting back to the Secret Service, what would have happened to the Secret Service agents in Hillary’s detail if she died after they took her to Chelsea’s apartment? They would have likely all been fired and banned from future government work. This is the sort of imposition that Hillary doesn’t think twice about inflicting upon the “little people” who are forced to work for her. Well, that and very, very frequent shrill verbal abuse according to two books by Secret Service agents who had the displeasure of working with her.

Avoiding a little bad publicity was more important to Hillary than the careers of perhaps six Secret Service agents, who were assigned to her that day. Be sure to mention that, the next time someone claims Hillary is a friend of the little people.


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