The “Basket of Deplorables” and Liberal Hypocrisy


We just got a glimpse of the soul of the Democrat Party in the year 2016 and it wasn’t pretty. Hillary Clinton told a room full of LGBT supporters that half of Trump’s supporters were a “basket of deplorables.”

Hillary later backed off the remark, perhaps realizing that calling tens of millions of voters “deplorables” was not a good idea. Other liberals however aren’t backing off that remark. One female reporter suggested that most if not all of the sort of people going to Trump rallies were “deplorables” and now the Washington Post has jumped the shark defending Hillary’s big insult to the American people.

A CNN article reports “Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank suggested Tuesday that Hillary Clinton wasn’t wrong in issuing her now-famous “deplorable” comments about supporters of Donald Trump.

“‘As a matter of statistics, it is probably true that people expressing racist sentiment… constitute more than half of Trump supporters,’ he told CNN’s Brooke Baldwin, channeling the details he provided in his column, published on Monday…”

One of the many despicable things about our liberal controlled society is the fuzzy concept of what a “racist” is.

The big implication is that any White person who doesn’t think the races are equal is a “racist.”

So basically if you believe in the truth, you are “deplorable” in the eyes of the liberals.

The Bible however says that the truth is the Word of God. The truth doesn’t have to always be nice or inoffensive. Lots of people take great offense at the truth, but that’s their problem.

The Bible also says that satan is the father of lies and that satan’s children tell lies.

So the people, who say the races are NOT equal, are spreading the truth and are doing the work of the Lord while the people, who tell lies and pretend that the races are equal (e.g. the Jewish-owned liberal media) are doing satan’s work.

A more reasonable definition of “racism” would be someone who discriminates against a better qualified applicant in favor of someone else based on race.

Of course if we go by that definition of racism, “our” government would be guilty of MILLIONS of cases of anti-White racism in which government agencies (and private employers under pressure from the government) have hired Blacks or Latinos instead of better-qualified Whites for the sake of racial quotas or “Affirmative Action.”

If you go back to the 1950s, very few Blacks had any education. It was extremely rare for a Black applying for a job to be better qualified than a White person, who was applying for the same job. The liberal media created the illusion that there was massive racist discrimination against Blacks holding them down (not their lower IQs).

There were neighborhoods and schools that wanted to keep Blacks out for the sake of keeping Black crime out and this should have been recognized as a completely legitimate concern, not “evil, groundless racism.”

Thanks to the actions of liberals and Jews over 50,000 White people have been murdered by Blacks since the end of Segregation –more Americans killed than in the Korean War.

So patriotic White people, who think differently from liberals, are “deplorable,” but Democrats, whose policies have caused the deaths of over 50,000 Whites and who have flooded America with 34 million illegal aliens, who are turning America into a Third World country, are “nice” people who should have a monopoly on power. No wonder the liberal mainstream media is dying, and the Alt-Right is rising up to replace it.


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