Dems Stuck with a Sick Hillary; Did a Hillary Double Fool Press?


by Jeff Davis

The inevitable finally happened on Sunday–the Hildebeest had a public breakdown that couldn’t be concealed or explained away. Two coughing fits in the previous week had put Hillary’s health back on the radar of the Alt-Right, but these were excused due to “allergies.” Now the New York Times admits that Hillary Clinton has pneumonia, but as always with Hillary Clinton, we have to wonder what else is wrong with her that she’s not telling us?

An article from reports: “Hillary Clinton’s health – long the obsession of conspiracy theorists — emerged Sunday as a legitimate campaign issue after Clinton nearly swooned and stumbled at a Sept. 11 commemoration, underscoring the sense that that summer’s sure-thing candidate is flagging at a pivotal moment. The scare was captured on cellphone video showing the wobbly Democratic candidate — who was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday, according to a report by her doctor and later forwarded to reporters — being lifted into the vehicle by her aides after leaving a memorial service at the site of the 2001 World Trade Center attack.”

She didn’t “nearly swoon;” Hillary collapsed. You can see her foot dragging on the pavement and her head dropping sharply down, which is why she left a shoe behind. At least Politico has finally admitted that there is a Hillary health question, but they’re still distorting the facts to protect her.

The article continues “The incident comes after two weeks of tightening polls that have seen Trump close to within striking distance nationally and in some battleground states and capped off what was arguably the shakiest 48 hours of her general-election campaign that began when she called Trump supporters ‘deplorables,’ a rare gaffe by a fastidiously stage-managed candidate.”

“The announcement late Sunday by Clinton’s personal physician, Lisa Bardack, that Clinton had become ‘overheated and dehydrated’ after being placed on antibiotics last week came after a day of frenzied speculation about the candidate’s health and its impact on a tightening race.”

Was Hillary’s health a reason for her negligence in the case of Benghazi? Ambassador Stevens had been begging for more security for months, and it was Hillary’s job to take care of that. Was she sleeping 16 hours per day? Was she sleeping the night of the Benghazi attack with orders that no one disturb her?

Will she become overheated and dehydrated and collapse again when she’s facing a crisis in the Situation Room?

The Politico article is lengthy and interesting in how they twist and turn to avoid the obvious, namely the fact that the “conspiracy theorists” have been proven right, but only when the episode occurred in front of numerous witnesses with cell phone cameras, who posted the video on the Internet. (There was apparently a battle for the video to stay up on youtube with the liberal owners at youtube taking down the first few dozen postings of it.)

Only two hours after Hillary publicly collapsed and had to be dragged into a van leaving a shoe behind, a woman, who looked kind of like Hillary, but thinner and much healthier appeared outside Chelsea’s apartment and said hello to the press.

An article on Inside Edition reports “The internet is lighting up with conspiracy theories that a body double was used to stand in for Hillary Clinton as she emerged from her daughter’ apartment Sunday after collapsing at a 9/11 memorial ceremony. ‘Nose looks very different,’ one person wrote on Twitter. ‘Hillary’s index finger is longer than her ring finger. This isn’t Hillary,’ wrote another. An additional person wrote: ‘The person outside Chelsea’s apartment has skinny legs and torso! You decide!’ Another conspiracy theorist noted the absence of any obvious Secret Service agents nearby when the Democratic presidential candidate walked out of Chelsea’s Manhattan apartment building.”

So these liberals think that after covering up her bad health for months, that Hillary wouldn’t resort to MORE fraud to try to defuse a very public meltdown that could scuttle her presidential ambitions. If Hillary were as healthy and lively as “the double,” why did she leave the 911 memorial early? Why did she collapse on camera? Is the real Hillary lying on a hospital bed hooked up to machines right now? If she does have pneumonia why was she endangering people at the 911 memorial and that little girl?

So after months of calling Hillary health skeptics “conspiracy theorists” instead of “observant rational Americans,” the liberal media is going right back to calling anyone who questions something very fishy involving Hillary “a conspiracy theorist” again. They just never change.

It looks like the Democrat Party is stuck with a sick Hillary with less than two months left until election day. I suppose you could argue that the Democrats, who voted in the primary were defrauded by Hillary, who failed to disclose the real state of her health. There’s considerable speculation about whether Hillary stole the primary from Sanders. If she had been honest about her health, it seems certain that Sanders would have won. Now, they have a candidate running for president, who takes the weekends off and rarely holds public events, not to mention the fact that hardly anyone is showing up for the rallies that she does hold.


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