Trump Leads Hillary by Two Percent in CNN Poll


by James Buchanan

A CNN article reports “Trump tops Clinton 45% to 43% in the new survey…. among likely voters.”

Likely voters are people who voted in 2008 and/or 2012. Most of these polls are underestimating Trump’s support because:

1). Trump is bringing a lot of new people to this election –not just “likely voters.” The GOP primary had a record number of voters (four million more than the total for the Democrat primary).

2). Many polls are still over-sampling Democrat voters and

3). Polls using live pollsters asking the questions (vs. a computer automated system) tend to underestimate Trump’s support.

The L.A. Times Labor Day poll has Trump leading Clinton by three percent.

A Reuters poll has Trump two percent ahead of Hillary.

And a Rasmussen poll has Trump one percent ahead of Hillary.

Considering the liberal media was proclaiming Hillary ahead in a number of (dubious) liberal media polls, you’d think it might be just a little bit newsworthy that Trump has pulled ahead of Hillary in four major polls, but the liberal media won’t touch that story with a ten foot poll.

In fact, you’d probably have to go to some Alt-Right news site to find out about Hillary’s two latest coughing fits (another taboo subject for mainstream liberals).

Hillary attempted to have a mini-press conference on her plane so that the Alt-Right would stop talking about the fact that it’s been 276 days since her last press conference. The mostly sycophantic female reporters however did not provide a comfortable enough environment for Hillary and she proceeded to break into a major coughing fit.

One news article notes “No, Hillary that wasn’t a press conference. After making claims that she regularly talks to the media resulted in outright ridicule, Hillary Clinton’s campaign threw together a truly awful display with a ‘question and answer session’ aboard Hillary’s plane which abruptly ended after ten minutes when she couldn’t stop coughing.”

“While Clinton’s campaign will claim the debacle was a ‘press conference’, the first for 276 days, in reality Hillary answered a couple of softballs, basically called Trump a Russian agent and a wannabe dictator, claimed complete ignorance on the only question of any substance, and said she wasn’t interested in ‘conspiracy theories’ about her health before hacking up her lungs and scurrying off into the back where her handlers were waiting for her.”

Hillary’s health problems are an interesting footnote to this election, especially considering the degree to which the liberal media covers them up. It remains to be seen just how serious these problems are, but she’ll likely keep running since she’s enough of a megalomaniac that she’d rather die running than drop out and let a healthier Democrat run.


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