Was the 2016 GOP Primary in Arizona Stolen?

Arizona Primary 2016

(Editor’s note: Article from 2016 reprinted since McCain is in the news.)

by James Buchanan

Was the 2016 primary in Arizona stolen? There are multiple ways the primary could be stolen. Because the Democrats have an uncontested primary in Arizona with just one Democrat candidate opposing McCain, that means that thousands of Democrats could change their party affiliation and vote for the most liberal, pro-Amnesty Senator in the Senate with the one caveat being that he’s pretending to be a Republican.

If the Republican Party were serious about keeping out RINOs (Republicans in name only), they would make a serious effort to prevent Democrats from infiltrating their party. One way to do this would be to only allow people, who donated to the Republican party to vote in the Republican primary. Even a modest $10 donation would likely be enough to cut down the number of turncoat voters from tens of thousands to a few hundred.

There’s just one little problem: The Republican Party is controlled by RINOs. People like Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush and Reince Priebus are rich elitists, who think that they can win the growing Latino vote if only they would just give an Amnesty to the 34 million illegal aliens. This of course ignores the fact that Latinos tend to support the Democrats with as much as 80 percent of their vote.

So the people running the Republican party probably think that it’s a good thing that liberals are crossing over and voting for liberal Republicans like Paul Ryan and John McCain.

Was that the only cheating that went on? Probably not. In order to win the 2010 primary, McCain lied to the voters, swearing up and down that he was opposed to Amnesty (and that Amnesty Bill he supported in 2007 wasn’t really an Amnesty).

Fast forward three years after the election, and the same John McCain sponsored the 2013 Amnesty Bill. Now if I were a voter in Arizona, and some crooked old swindler of a politician fooled me into voting for him by promising to fight against Amnesty, I would be mad as hell if he tried to sneak through an Amnesty Bill three years later. I’d make certain that I voted against him in the next primary and I’d get all my friends to do the same.

I guess we’re supposed to believe that everyone in Arizona must have political amnesia. Either that or the people in the Republican Party, who do the actual vote counting, have been rigging the election for John McCain. Perhaps that would explain why every other Republican Senator, who supported the 2007 Amnesty was either voted out of office or compelled to resign except John McCain and the effeminate RINO, Lindsey Graham.

System politicians will not stop stealing elections until Americans call them out on this and demand voting systems that are verifiable and that support recounts. For example, why can’t each voter get a serial number corresponding to his vote. The primary vote results could then be listed on the Internet, and people could actually check for the first time to see if their vote has been counted and if it was recorded correctly. Our two-party System will probably never agree to a system like this because they like to keep the back door open for fraud.

The worst voting systems are the paperless ones run by Diebold which have allowed fraud on a truly massive scale.

Amnesty Traitors 2007

Amnesty Traitors 2013

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