Hillary Makes Desperate Attack on Infowars and Alt-Right

Hillary mad

by James Buchanan

Why would Hillary lash out at Infowars and what-she-calls the Alt-Right? Hillary knows that there’s a massive and well-organized opposition to her on the Internet. She seems to be under the illusion that she can successfully demonize the leaders of the opposition and somehow defeat them.

By attacking Infowars and its founder, Alex Jones, she has inadvertently given him the best possible endorsement he could get. Alex Jones and the staff at Infowars were practically giddy after Hillary decided to lash out at them.

According to the Internet traffic ranking service Quantcast, Infowars has 5.7 million unique visitors every month. Now that Hillary has singled them out, they will almost certainly double their visitors this month!

Why is Hillary lashing out desperately against Infowars? Because she’s doing much worse than certain liberal pollsters are claiming. Back in late July, Hillary fell behind Trump in five out of seven polls in a one week period. This was probably the most honest week of polling and where Hillary’s poll numbers deserved to be.

Polls July 27

One month ago, the Democrats were having a disastrous Convention as Wikileaks announced to the world that the DNC leadership was plotting against Bernie Sanders. Many of the Bernie Sanders voters were already suspicious that the DNC was cheating and falsifying several state election results. Throughout the Democrat primary, Hillary was struggling to fill up small venues with a few hundred people while Bernie was holding mass rallies with over 20,000.

The Democrats were already in trouble because the Republican primaries had four million more voters than the Democrat primaries (26 million to 22 million). Normally in an open presidential election with no incumbent running, the Democrats get more people voting.

Add to that, a Bloomberg poll taken in June that found that 40 percent of Bernie Sanders supporters say they will refuse to vote for Hillary in November. Of that 40 percent, more than half of them plan to vote for Trump.

This is frankly an insurmountable disaster for Hillary. She cannot mathematically win without the Bernie supporters, and any poll that says otherwise is fraudulent.

A rule of thumb for American elections is that the more like-able candidate usually wins. George W. Bush was more like-able than Al Gore, and Barack Obama seemed more like-able than John McCain to the ordinary voter. When men were asked what they think of Hillary on a recent KFI talk show, the most common responses from men were that Hillary reminded then of a horrible ex-wife or mother-in-law from hell. No one was describing her as a loving grandmother.

Hillary Clinton has a devastating gender gap among White men. A Washington Post article notes “Clinton’s image is at or near record lows among major demographic groups. Among men, she is at minus 40. Among women, she is at minus nine. Among whites, she is at minus 39. Among white women, she is at minus 25. Among white men, she is 17 positive, 72 negative.”

The claim that Hillary will somehow grab all the women’s vote is an illusion. She’s losing the White women’s vote by a big margin, and she’s losing the White male vote by a catastrophic margin.

Liberal network pollsters have a strong political bias to skew their polls in Hillary’s favor. There’s also a financial motivation. If they admit that Trump has a steady ten point lead over Hillary, people will quit watching the nightly political news. Pretending that Hillary is viable can be worth hundreds of millions to CNN, NBC and other liberal outlets.

The polls in late July showed Trump pulling ahead of Hillary, but dubious polls started appearing in August giving Hillary a ten point lead even though nothing important happened in the month of August except for the Associated Press story announcing that over half of all meetings with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton coincided with donations to the Clinton Foundation, creating an enormous bribery scandal.

Liberal pollsters can skew their polls by heavily over-sampling Democrats, and Reuters was caught doing precisely that. An article from the Gateway Pundit reported “Gallup reported in March that 46 percent of Americans are Democrats, and 40 percent are Republicans. Reuters (however) freighted their poll with 20 percent more Democrats than Republicans.”

“Since the Reuters poll sampled more Democrats than all the others combined, we can safely say that Trump appears to be in much better shape than the poll suggests and could likely be headed to a landslide victory in November.”

As if yet another Clinton financial scandal weren’t bad enough, stories about Hillary’s declining health gained traction in August. Donald Trump was holding a mass rally every day or two while Hillary was holding “intimate” small rallies in high school auditoriums that looked less than half full.

Perhaps, Hillary went on a rant against Alex Jones because he let the cat out of the bag regarding the polls. One website reports “While polls show Trump trailing in swing states… Jones said that such polls are simply ‘fake polls’ fabricated by the liberal media.”

“Jones claimed that ‘Donald Trump is doing his own internal polling with some of the top, bipartisan pollers in the country.’”

“Jones explained: ‘So he’s announcing, ‘Hey, I’ve got my own internal polling showing I’m ahead in Ohio by seven points; showing I’m ahead in Pennsylvania by about 10 points; showing I’m ahead in Florida in some internal polls by 15, and these are real random polls; showing in some polls Trump is three points ahead in California…'”

Big Trump rallies

Hillary Crowds

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