Last Week to Help Defeat McCain in his Aug. 30th Primary, Vote for Kelli Ward!

Kelli Ward John McCain

by James Buchanan

John McCain is being challenged by Kelli Ward in the Republican primary in Arizona. Kelli Ward is endorsed by Ron Paul and Gun Owners of America. Kelli Ward opposes Amnesty and supports building a wall on the border.

We are just six days away from our last chance to defeat John McCain, who sold out his conservative base with an Amnesty Bill in 2007. McCain fooled voters in 2010 telling them he would build the “danged fence” only to stab them in the back when he co-sponsored the 2013 Amnesty Bill. McCain paid for his 2010 primary with money from the same big corporations that he helped bail out with the completely un-Constitutional TARP bail out, which helped save various big capitalist corporations while ordinary Americans were thrown out of their jobs with many losing their homes.

Six years ago, Michelle Malkin wrote an excellent summary of John McCain, who was challenged
in that primary by J.D. Hayworth. Her article noted “After burning through a whopping $21 million in campaign funds to hold on to his seat, McCain is poised to claim a primary election victory over Hayworth tonight.”

“Some victory.”

“To stave off Hayworth, the reborn conservative McCain not only had to throw $21 million down the drain. He had to thrown his own old “maverick” self off the bus, start talking like Tom Tancredo, appear on cable news non-stop, disavow all his good friends in the ‘Eastern press’ whose approbation he thrives on in off-election years, and pander shamelessly to the grass-roots conservative base that he has despised, undermined, and spurned for more than two decades.”

“McLame stubbornly refused to admit his own individual responsibility for supporting the pre-socialization of the economy started under George W. Bush and continued under Obama. Fellow Republicans whitewashed McCain’s fiscal irresponsibility record, including his support for:”

* “The $700 billion all-purpose, earmark-stuffed TARP bailout;”

* “The $25 billion auto bailout;”

* “The $300 billion mortgage entitlement bailout; and”

* “The $85 billion AIG bailout; and”

* “The costly, intrusive, junk science-fueled Climate Change agenda.”

All these multi-billion dollar bail outs of big corporate donors pale in comparison to McCain’s two attempts to turn the United States into northern Mexico with Amnesties, he co-sponsored.

An article in the UK Daily Mail reports “U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services plans to seek a vendor to produce as many as 34 million blank work permits and ‘green cards’ – the paperwork that authorizes immigrants to live and work in the United States – as the White House prepares to issue an executive order after the Nov. 4 midterm elections.”

We have been told that there are only eleven million illegal aliens in the U.S. This figure was probably too low 20 years ago when politicians first started using it. The real number is 34 million as witnessed by the internal plotting of the Obama regime to give them all work permits or green cards. Of course any mass Amnesty would allow “chain migration” because liberals consider it “cruel” to separate the latest invaders from their extended families of 20 who have not yet crossed the border.

We had very poor border enforcement under Bill Clinton and George Bush. Under Barack Obama, our border control has almost collapsed. People from Central America have been sending their children to cross the Mexican border by the hundreds of thousands because they know that they won’t be turned back by Obama.

John McCain is on the wrong side of this issue and will happily turn America into a third World country to please his big corporate sponsors. After all, John McCain will turn 80 years old on August 29th, just before the election. He won’t have to live in the hell-hole that he plans to turn the U.S. into for very long, and all the millions he’s getting from big corporations will help him retire in a luxurious mansion far away from the crime caused by the Mexican drug gangs.

We failed to defeat McCain in 2010, and just three years later, he sponsored an Amnesty Bill. Is there any doubt that he’ll do this again? Also, we have an excellent chance of electing Donald Trump to the presidency. We should try to minimize the number of RINO traitors in the Senate, who will block reforms and deportations that Trump will try to implement as president.

Support Kelli Ward, and make sure all your friends and relatives in Arizona vote for her in the Republican primary on August 30th.

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