Communists Attack Trump Motorcade in Minnesota


by Jeff Davis

Apparently a car carrying Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has been attacked by “protestors” in Minnesota. These are typically the hard core Communists, who want to turn America into a Third World country under a far-left tyranny. Naturally, they’re not too happy about the idea of White people turning back the clock, deporting illegals and delaying or stopping the agenda of the left.

An article from Minnesota Public Radio News reports: “As Trump’s motorcade left the convention center, protesters swarmed his car, shouting “Hey, hey, ho, ho. Donald Trump has got to go.” Several police officers, some holding their bikes in front of them, ordered the protesters back to let the SUV leave.”

“Former Minnesota Congressman Michele Bachmann, who attended the fundraiser, told Breitbart News that Trump’s vehicle was attacked…”

“Bachmann said the protesters were using profanity to verbally harass Trump supporters, spitting on them, and were so much a threat to the community that police officers advised people that they needed to leave through alternative exits…”

“The ‘protestors’ morphed into rent-a-mobs, and then they became ‘rent-a-thugs’ looking for a beat-down. It was nothing more than Obama/Hillary’s lawlessness and disrespect for decency playing out on the streets of Minneapolis. The only idea the left seems to understand is physical violence used to intimidate political opposition. These brute thugs who attacked Donald Trump’s vehicle demonstrate exactly why we need to elect Donald Trump as our next President of the United States, so we can see respect for the rule of law return again in this country.”

Notice the complete lack of national publicity. The liberal media doesn’t want to admit that the Left is still using thuggery against Donald Trump. That might convince millions of moderates that they need to vote for Trump to keep Hillary and her flying monkeys from gaining power.

We are quickly becoming a Third World country. Soon we will have the same amount of violence that Third World countries have with their elections, and we’re seeing the first signs of that as many Blacks and Latinos can’t seem to calmly discuss politics, but seem more inclined to punch you in the face if you dare say that you support Trump.

Not only do we need to elect Trump, we need to start changing our immigration laws so that we start rebuilding our White majority and mass deporting illegal aliens; otherwise the violence that we’re seeing this election year will only get worse.


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