Trump Pulls ahead of Hillary in L.A. Times/USC Poll

Trump vs Hillary

by James Buchanan

After three weeks of Trump bashing by the liberal media, and (dubious) polls that claimed that Trump was falling behind Hillary, Trump pulled ahead of Hillary in the latest L.A. Times/USC poll. This of course raises the question: Was Trump ever really behind?

Or did Hillary’s operatives show up and bribe pollsters to put out polls favorable for her?

At least two pollsters were caught fudging polls to make Hillary look more viable as noted here and here.

Obviously, most of the media is pathologically liberal, and it’s no great shock if they commit fraud for Hillary, but there’s also a big financial incentive for them to make Hillary look viable, instead of being the tired old, sick crook that she is. A close horse race is going to get a lot more viewers than a race where one horse runs away from the pack.

The one thing that amazes me is the meme put out by the media that both Hillary and Trump have “strong negatives” and that it’s difficult for people to choose between them.

Let’s see what negatives Hillary has:

* life-long, bribe-taking political crook

* closet lesbian/degenerate

* enabler for her rapist husband

* will sell out the interests of America to the highest bidder

* dodged the law in her massive violations of secrecy laws as Secretary of State

* destabilized the Middle East by supporting radicals, who turned into ISIS

* got four Americans killed in Benghazi

* got a nuclear scientist CIA spy in Iran killed with her carelessness with e-mails and

* has been recommended for perjury charges for lying to Congress

And what issues does Trump have:

* wants to deport illegal aliens and enforce the law (I guess that’s a horrible “negative” today)

* wants to keep Muslim terrorists from coming to U.S. (another “negative” in the PC world)

* says politically incorrect things and

* wants to make fair trade deals with China (not TPP or GATT treason treaties)

It’s kind of startling that anyone could suggest that Hillary and Trump have the same level of negatives, but that propaganda gets regularly repeated by pompous pundits on both the left and right. Whenever someone makes a bland statement like that, it’s just intellectual laziness and a foolish attempt to remain neutral in a clear fight between good and evil.

Hillary will get about a third of the vote due to brain-dead liberals, welfare parasites, Blacks and other Third world people voting largely as a block, but anyone, who has to work for a living will not want a criminal like Hillary in the presidency.

There are signs that the Democrat party is far from united. Trump is getting almost as much of the (legal) Latino vote as Hillary. This makes sense because legal Latinos don’t want their wages and communities suffering from a flood of illegals. Trump was even getting a third of the Black vote in a recent poll in North Carolina.

On top of that, 40 percent of Bernie supporters won’t vote for Hillary with about half of them saying they’ll vote for Trump. This is catastrophic for Hillary who needs a 100 percent united Democrat Party to overcome all her horrible character flaws and monstrous personality.

Hillary is by no means certain of getting a majority anywhere, except by vote fraud.

As long as Trump takes precautions against vote fraud, namely poll-watchers and exit pollers, he should be able to win easily.


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