Hillary Clinton’s Health Problems

Hillary reporter shocked

by James Buchanan

Hillary Clinton is apparently suffering from a serious health crisis that is affecting her brain. While she complains that we should not trust Trump with the nuclear button, there are signs that Hillary might fall over on it, or get so completely confused that she thinks she’s in an elevator and the red button is her floor.

One recent incident had Hillary’s head bobbing uncontrollably. A reporter directly facing Hillary had a look of horror on her face.


One news source reports “A Secret Service source has… confirmed the following information;”

– “Hillary has a very serious neurological degeneration which could be Parkinson’s disease;”

– “Around half a million dollars has been spent to specially adapt three SUVs in which Hillary travels to provide lowered floors and disabled access to prevent Hillary from tripping.”

– “Hillary’s staff is so intent on keeping reporters away from Clinton because she is at risk of petit mal seizures that can be triggered by camera flashes;”

– “Hillary has major problems with balance, difficulties with walking and keeps falling down;”

– “Hillary’s campaign will be forced into making a big announcement soon regarding her medical condition;”

– “The source told us that this information was relayed to the press by others, but they were too afraid to run it…”

“The revelations correlate with other information provided by federal agents and police officers who have worked security at Hillary events.”

“John Cardillo, a former officer who provided VIP security details for the New York Police Department (NYPD), said he was told by a federal agent and another NYPD officer who worked security at Hillary events that Hillary had major heath problems and was often dizzy and disoriented.”

The Drudge Report listed four instances of Hillary falling down and injuring herself, in one case breaking an elbow. Hillary claimed to have suffered a concussion and a blood clot in her head, which may or may not be true. That might have just been an excuse to avoid answering questions in one of the many investigations of Hillary over the years.

Recent video of Hillary shows either Secret Service agents or Joe Biden holding Hillary’s arm as she leaves the podium as if they don’t trust her not to fall down.

An article on the gatewaypundit notes “In recent bizarre events on the campaign trail a strange man was noticed at Hillary Clinton’s side. The man is dressed like a secret service agent but his actions prove otherwise.”

“In a recent campaign stop in a Union Hall in front of a sparse crowd, at about the time when some liberal protesters began to protest, Hillary Clinton suddenly froze. She looked dazed and lost. Seeing this, a group of men rushed to assist the candidate on the stage. One man however gently pats the candidate’s back and then says, ‘Keep Talking.’”

“…Mike Cernovich pointed out that Hillary’s handler carries a Diazepam pen.”

Hillary Medic Injector

Most likely Hillary will not tell the public the whole truth about her health (or anything else for that matter). Hillary’s political ambition is so great that she will keep running for president even if it kills her. This alone should wake people up to the megalomaniac nature of Ms. Clinton.


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