Milwaukee Riots: Blacks Target White People for Beatings

Trump Law and Order Candidate 2

by James Buchanan

A news article about the Milwaukee riots reports “Video footage shows violent mobs of ‘Black Lives Matter’ rioters (were) targeting white people for brutal beat downs during last night’s unrest in Milwaukee.”

“The (video) clip shows angry rioters chanting ‘black power!’ before asking ‘is they white?’ as cars slowly drive past.”

“’Yeah they white!’ states someone else, prompting the mob to run towards the vehicle.”

“’Yeah they white, get their @ss!’ screams another.”

“’Hey they beatin’ up every white person!’ exclaims another rioter.”

“’He white – beat his head…'”

Race relations have gotten worse, not better under Barack Obama. Black people have only gotten angrier, more resentful and more violent toward White people ever since the Blacks, Latinos and self-hating White liberals voted for Barack Obama under the illusion that race relations or the general condition of Blacks in America would improve.

The governor of Wisconsin has called out the National Guard to stand by in case of continued rioting in Milwaukee. Blacks have been rioting after a Black police officer shot an armed Black youth who refused to obey police orders.

One news article reports “(5:25 p.m.) Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke says a repeat of the violence that plagued the city Saturday night cannot be allowed to happen.”

“Clarke says the violence will not be allowed to get out of hand, citing Ferguson, Missouri, and Baltimore where rioting broke out after black men died during incidents there involving police.”

“Clarke says he talked with Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker earlier Sunday and requested help should it be needed to keep the peace. Walker has ordered the National Guard to be ready to help if needed.”

“Sylviille Smith, who was black, died after he was shot by police Saturday. Violence broke out Saturday night with some businesses set on fire, 17 people arrested and four police officers hurt.”

Every time there’s another Muslim terrorist attack or another Black riot or Black shooting of a police officer, that should be telling Americans that we need a new president, who supports law and order, not a president who panders to the Blacks or who invites in unvetted Syrians because it’s the politically correct thing to do. Trump has made it’s clear that he stands for law and order. Hillary Clinton has made it clear, she’ll invite in terrorists and pander to Black Lives Matter.


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