Help Kelli Ward Defeat John McCain in Arizona Primary Aug. 30th

Kelli Ward John McCain

by Jeff Davis

One of the biggest miscarriages of justice in U.S. history is the continuing political career of John McCain in the U.S. Senate. McCain has been instrumental in pushing, not one, but TWO Amnesty Bills, in an attempt to destroy the United States as we know it. The first Amnesty Bill was in 2007.

Thanks to the Tea Party, all of the 2007 Republican Amnesty Traitors except John McCain and Lindsey Graham were hounded from office. Bob Bennett tried to run for reelection and was defeated in his own primary, placing third. Senator Arlen Specter fled the Republican Party and tried to run as a Democrat and was defeated. The rest of the 2007 Amnesty Traitors in the Senate resigned from office or retired early.

The failure to get all of the Amnesty Traitors led to the 2013 Amnesty Bill, which was sponsored by John McCain, despite his promise to build a border fence and to “secure the border” which is the meaningless vague phrase that System Republicans like to parrot instead of saying what they really want to do, which is to leave the border wide open.

There is no individual in Congress more eminently deserving of losing his seat than John McCain. There is no RINO (Republican In Name Only) in Congress who more completely personifies the utter debasement of the GOP as even a sham semblance of an opposition party. This in essence has been the problem with American politics for almost 30 years now: an ostensible opposition party that does not oppose, but instead collaborates with this country’s foremost organization of domestic enemies, the Democrat party, in order to change the very nature of this country and to destroy the White population, who made America a great nation.

John McCain never held a single personal principle he was unwilling to throw under the bus for his personal gain. He has taken every opportunity he could take to destroy this country’s immigration laws and flood the United States with millions of illiterate and poorly educated, primitive and violent Third World people who have committed murders, rapes, thefts, not to mention countless drunk driving accidents and whose children are driving public schools into bankruptcy. More than any one Republican, John McCain is responsible for the illegal alien invasion of America.

McCain and his party were entrusted with the safety of this country and the people who make it work and who deserve the benefits of its wealth and heritage. He betrayed that trust, cynically and without hesitation, for money. He will ultimately burn in hell, but we should at least vote him out of office even if our court system gives him a pass on all the treason he’s done.

John McCain is being challenged by Dr. Kelli Ward in the Republican primary and we should unite behind her to vote him out of office. Her website can be found here, and even if you don’t live in Arizona, you can still help to end McCain’s treasonous political career by donating to her campaign. The primary for the U.S. Senate in Arizona takes place August 30th. Make sure any friends you have in Arizona, realize how important this is and that they support and vote for Kelli Ward.

Defeating John McCain and forcing him out of the Senate may seem like an impossible dream–but let us not be afraid to dream it.

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