Dump Paul Ryan in the General Election

Paul Ryan scum bag

by James Buchanan

An article from the Conservative Review states “Last night’s Wisconsin primary found Speaker Ryan, R-Wis. handily defeating an opponent he has spent most of the election cycle ignoring. With 100 percent of precincts reporting, Ryan defeated Paul Nehlen with 84 percent of the vote. The Janesville businessman won just 16 percent of the vote.”

That’s what were being told: that Ryan supposedly got 57,391 votes and that Nehlen only received 10,852 votes. How were the votes counted? Were Diebold machines involved? Did anyone do an exit poll to check on the “official” results?

The article continues “Needless to say, this was not the next dramatic leadership coup many had feverishly predicted.”

“From the beginning, the Nehlen campaign strategy was pulled right from the alt-right playbook. He attempted to ride Donald Trump’s coattails into his own local insurgency, but Nehlen’s failure to understand the difference between populism and conservatism was his downfall. Speaker Paul Ryan deserves plenty of criticism for failing conservatives, however, the attack Nehlen attempted to mount was that Ryan deserved to be hated simply for not having sprung from the new wave of outsider anger.”

First of all, I’m not so sure the System Republicans didn’t steal the primary in Wisconsin to save their favorite hack, Paul Ryan. All their self-righteous analysis beyond that is so much garbage if they did use Diebold machines or vote fraud to win the primary for Ryan.

Secondly, none of what they say about Nehlen is true. Nehlen very accurately reflects the mood of the average conservative voter, who is sick of seeing jobs outsourced to the Third World and illegal aliens flooding into America. We know that Ryan is a pro-Amnesty sell out, and yes that does make him hated by most Americans, and he deserves to be hated. Paul Ryan has made a conscious decision to sell out the future of America to turn it into northern Mexico in exchange for money and power.

The conservative voters in Paul Ryan’s district can show the world that their primary was stolen by NOT voting for him in the general election. Ballotpedia notes “Incumbent Paul Ryan (R) will face Ryan Solen (D), Jason Lebeck (L) and Spencer Zimmerman (Trump Conservative) in the general election on November 8, 2016. Ryan defeated Paul Nehlen in the Republican primary, while Solen defeated Tom Breu to win the Democratic nomination.”

All the pro-Trump conservatives in Ryan’s district should vote for Spencer Zimmerman (the Trump conservative). If Mr. Zimmerman wins, then we’ll find out something very interesting about how rigged the primary election was. If the split vote leads to the Democrat winning, that will also be good because it will get Mr. Ryan out of office and a real conservative can be elected in two years.

Paul Ryan is basically a Democrat, pretending to be a Republican so if he gets replaced with a Democrat, it couldn’t be worse than Ryan staying on. Even better, Paul Ryan’s defeat will be a clear message to the System Republicans that we will not tolerate these “Benedict Arnold” politicians that they keep sticking us with. If Paul Ryan loses in the general election, everyone will know that the Tea Party and the pro-Trump crowd caused his defeat, not the Democrats. Doing this will also remove a completely worthless, liberal sell out from the position of Speaker of the House so that Trump won’t have to be fighting Ryan and wasting his valuable time battling with this RINO, who clearly doesn’t represent America in the year 2016.

So if you live in the first Congressional district in Wisconsin, please vote for Spencer Zimmerman (the Trump conservative) during the general election in November. We need to send a message to these RINO System Republicans, that they’re not safe even if they find some way of stealing the primary election because we can still get rid of them in the general election.


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