The Feces River in Los Angeles

Feces River Los Angeles

by Jeff Davis

The Daily reports: “Raul Aquino followed a group of kayakers down to the Los Angeles River, dipped a yellow boot into its flowing stream, then waded past some rocks and algae. He stooped to collect a water sample in the Sepulveda Basin just as nearly a half dozen kayaks passed beneath the Burbank Boulevard bridge.

“’I didn’t see any fecal matter,’ reported Aquino, 29, a volunteer for a Heal the Bay ‘stream team’ now studying pollution in rivers, streams and watering holes throughout Los Angeles. ‘Just some fish. Doesn’t look clean.’”

“It wasn’t.”

Bear in mind, this isn’t the Third World. Or at least it’s not supposed to be. This is supposed to be California, the heart of the American Dream.

The article notes “Such recreation hot spots that have sprung up in recent years along the Los Angeles River can suffer from very poor water quality, according to a Heal the Bay study released Wednesday. The popular river stretches can also harbor enough fecal bacteria to make kayakers, anglers and swimmers sick, it said. The study found elevated levels of two fecal indicator bacteria within the last remaining natural-bottom sections of the L.A. River: in the Sepulveda Basin in Lake Balboa; and in the Elysian Valley north of downtown. Samples were drawn once a week for three months last summer.”

This article doesn’t mention the most important and salient point about all this: who, exactly, is pooping in the water in southern California?

This problem didn’t exist in the 1960s when Los Angeles had a White majority and illegal immigration was largely under control. So where did it come from? This is the sort of thing that happens only in underdeveloped Third World nations like–oh, say Mexico.

Could the arrival of approximately five million illegal aliens and their anchor babies have contributed to the overloading of the infra-structure in Los Angeles County? How many of these illegals are living in the foothills and pooping in places, where the feces can be washed down into the L.A. River?

So what could have happened in the past generation or so to cause a problem which did not exist up until fairly recently in living memory? What kind of massive change could have occurred to make such a thing possible. I mean, Los Angeles isn’t Mexico. There is an international border separating Mexico from California, isn’t there?


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