Does Hillary Clinton Still Have Any Chance to Win?

Trump White Women's Vote

by James Buchanan

In the last week, the liberal media attacks on Donald Trump have reached hysterical proportions. Everything Trump says is a “gaff of epic proportions” and every policy he supports is “racist, bigoted and homophobic.”

For example, the Democrats invited a Muslim man, named Khan to speak at their convention. Khan’s son died in Iraq, and this supposedly was meant to “shame” all the people who don’t want more Muslims (especially the terrorists) coming into America. Donald Trump noticed that Khan’s wife didn’t speak, but stood quietly in the background wearing her burqa. Trump then asked why didn’t Khan’s wife speak, and was she possibly remaining silent because in the Muslim world women are supposed to keep quiet and let the men do all the talking in politics.

The liberal media literally went nuts after Trump said that, even though it was a completely reasonable question and highlighted the hypocrisy of the Democrats, who endlessly scold American men for being “sexist” but Hillary chose to let a Muslim man speak, who appears to keep his wife silent and in the shadows wearing a burqa.

Even more important in this particular case was that Trump was opposed to the Iraq War while Hillary Clinton voted for the Iraq War in 2002 while a Senator even though there was no credible evidence of weapons of mass destruction, just lies from politicians, who wanted to fight a war to please Israel.

Senator Hillary voted for the illegal, unnecessary war that got Khan’s son killed, but the Muslim Khan is more upset at Trump than at Hillary Clinton, and he’s willing to be a political prop for the Hillary campaign.

There have been other similar vicious attacks against Trump in which the liberal media distorts reality more than a warp drive to try to portray Trump as a worse villain than Hillary.

Why is the liberal media so angry? Well, it may involve the fact that Hillary may not mathematically stand a chance of winning.

Let’s look at how enthusiastic Democrat and Republican voters are in the 2016 election compared to 2008. (Obama was running unopposed in 2012 so the Democrat voter turn out was low that primary election so to be fair, I’ll use 2008.)

According to Rasmussen the Republican primary voter turn out was 26 million in 2016 compared to 22 million for the Democrats. Eight years earlier, the primary vote totals were 37 million for the Democrat and 21 million for the Republicans.

Rasmussen 2012 and 2016 Primary

The top two Republican candidates, Trump and Cruz had nearly identical platforms on the most important issues, in part because Cruz was copying any position that Trump took, which seemed to resonate with voters. The bottom line is that the Republican party is fairly united on policy even though the candidates were battling for the nomination.

The Democrat Party however not only suffered from a low voter turn out; they suffered from a bitter fight between the political insiders, who favored Hillary, and the (apparent) political outsider, Bernie Sanders. After Sanders lost the primary to Hillary, 40 percent of Sanders’ supporters said they would not vote for Hillary with 22 percent switching to Trump and 18 percent either staying home or voting third party.

22 percent of Sanders supporters deserting to Trump is catastrophic for Hillary. Is it believable that these Sanders supporters will support Trump? Both Trump and Sanders have spoken out against the outsourcing of American jobs and the treason treaties like NAFTA and GATT.

In the 2008 election Obama got 69.5 million votes while McCain got 59.95 million votes.

If we start off with those numbers (which is being way too favorable for Hillary) and then factor in the desertion of Bernie voters.

.4 X .44 = 17.6 percent = Democrat Bernie voters who won’t vote for Hillary

This would bring the Hillary vote down to:

69.5 – .176(69.5) = 69.5 – 12.2 = 57.3 million votes for Hillary

If we add the .22 percent of Sanders supporters who say they now support Trump then:

.22 X .44 = 9.7 percent Bernie to Trump

59.95 + .097(69.5) = 59.95 + 6.73 = 66.7 million votes for Trump

This estimate shows Hillary losing in a landslide, and it doesn’t take into account, the big increase in voters in the Republican primary in 2016 compared to 2008 or the severe drop in Democrat primary voters from 2008 to 2016.

A Politico article notes “Trump and his surrogates frequently cite online NBC News/SurveyMonkey polls that have Trump winning just under a third of the Hispanic vote, more than Romney’s 27-percent performance against President Barack…”

The Daily Caller reports Trump is supported by 32 percent of likely black North Carolina voters.”

Any kind of significant split of the Black or Latino vote spells doom for Hillary.

On top of all this, the liberal media has completely ignored Hillary’s enormous gender gap with men. One poll has Hillary losing among White men with 22% for Hillary and 69% for Trump. The liberal media has brainwashed people into thinking that Trump has a gender gap with women, but among White women Trump is beating Hillary by 47% to 43%.

Liberals and the liberal media still insist that they just know that Hillary Clinton will win the election even though all the data seems to be against them.

The week ending July 26th showed Trump leading in five out of seven polls.

Polls July 27

This apparently sent the liberal media into a panic, and a few polls in the last few days suddenly gave Hillary a big, pretty much unbelievable lead.

Keep in mind that the liberal media has a motivation to lie to support Hillary just out of their natural political bias. On top of that, they have a strong financial motivation to lie so that people don’t lose interest in the election if Trump is running away with it, and finally Hillary’s operatives could be showing up at pollsters with bags of cash to bribe them to make more favorable polls for Hillary.

Hillary’s only chance to win is to get massive numbers of illegal aliens to illegally vote for her combined with other vote fraud. Donald Trump needs to have poll watchers, exit pollers and an army of lawyers ready because Hillary’s last stand will involve the mother of all attempts to steal an election.


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