Growing List of Mini-Madoffs

Mini-Madoff Bruce Friedman

by Ian Mosley

Jewish swindler Bernard Madoff has plead guilty for his leading role in pulling off the largest private theft of wealth in human history, an estimated $50 billion dollars. That’s a hard act to follow. Madoff however has a number of runners-up who were also merrily looting the American public.

The Jewish Journal reports: “Sherman Oaks-based mortgage banker Bruce Friedman, whose Friedman Charitable Foundation committed $10 million to the Children’s Museum of Los Angeles and $1 million to Brandon’s Village, a special-needs park in Calabasas, was indicted on securities fraud charges today by the Securities and Exchange Commission. The SEC alleges Friedman, along with his two companies—Diversified Lending Group (DLG) and Applied Equities, Inc. (AEI)—perpetrated a $216 million real estate investment fraud, raising money from hundreds of investors nationwide, many of whom are seniors, promising guaranteed high returns via real estate investments.”

Ah, yes, the ancient refrain. The same old story that follows the Jewish people wherever they have gone through history, in whatever time and place.

The growing list of Jewish financial swindlers includes Bernie Madoff $50 billion, Sonje Kohn $2 billion, Sam Israel $450 million, Paul Greenwood and Steve Walsh $550 million, Artie Nadel $350 million, Marcus Schrenker $12 million, Rod Cameron Stringer $45 million and now Bruce Friedman $216 million.

Back to the Jewish Journal: “The complaint alleges that Friedman diverted substantial investor money to ventures unrelated to real estate, and misappropriated at least $17 million to support his lavish lifestyle, including purchases of a luxury home, cars, vacations, jewelry, and designer clothing for himself and an alleged girlfriend. The SEC has frozen DLG’s, AEI’s and Friedman’s assets… I don’t think I need to explain why this is bad for not just those who lost money but all Jews!”

This article actually appears to be part news story, part op-ed column written by one of the Tribe.

The Jewish Journal continues “The charges against Friedman come three months after Bernard Madoff, a big macher (mover and shaker) who sat on the board of Yeshiva University, reportedly admitted to running a $50 billion Ponzi scheme—and that followed a collapse of the global financial markets that many, including 31 percent of western Europeans, blame on Jews. I thought those numbers held true only for Europe, but I spoke Monday with Neil Malhotra, an associate professor at Stanford Graduate School of Business, and he told me his recent research yielded similar rate of Jewish blame here in the United States.”

Perhaps the fact that Jews are to blame has something to do with that. Americans are slow learners when it comes to politics, but we do seem to be capable of learning, at least when money is involved.

So far we have only seen the tip of the iceberg as to exactly who and what has caused the Crash of 2009, and the prolonged Obama recession, which the liberal media keeps calling “a recovery.” When that full story comes out, if indeed it ever does, then the list of people who are actually responsible for this horrible mess is going to read like a Who’s Who of American and international Jewry. Madoff and Friedman are just two of the first big swindlers to be caught. When the dust finally settles it may turn out that they are not even be among the most important of the Hebraic masters of evil who have robbed the entire world, and who laugh about it, because they believe nothing will ever be done to punish them.


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