The Holocaust and the Jewish Role in Recent History

Plaques at Auschwitz

by James Buchanan

Too many people are still brainwashed into believing the Jewish lies about extermination camps. Many U.S. soldiers, journalists and German civilians were dragged through Dachau after the war and told that it was an extermination camp. Later, because Dachau was in the West and open to more scrutiny, the Holocaust “experts” admitted that it was only a concentration camp and that all the extermination camps were (conveniently) located in Communist-occupied territory. (Which raises the question: Why should we believe that ANY of those camps were extermination camps after they told us with a straight face that Dachau was one?)

The Holocaust lies have been repeated for decade after decade after the war with still no end in sight.

Anyone, who has investigated the Holocaust for himself, quickly sees countless flaws that expose it as a poorly constructed Jewish fabrication.

Why did the Allies go along with the Holocaust fraud?

Without the Holocaust, the Allies don’t have a good justification for why they went to war with Germany. They also needed a BIG German atrocity to overshadow the mass-murder of half a million civilians at Dresden, the Soviet rape of millions of German women and girls, Operation Keelhaul and Eisenhower’s deliberate starving of German troops in prison camps after the war that led to 1.5 million “Other Losses.”

The Western Allies never cared about Poland. They used it as an excuse for starting a war with Germany. They didn’t lift a finger to try to help defend Poland, and they later sold it out to Communist slavery despite Polish fighter pilots having fought in the Battle of Britain and Polish soldiers having fought in Italy and Arnhem.

The Germans fought bravely, but the despicable capitalist Jews, Jewish owners of the news media and Hollywood Jews in the West, grew rich off the war, invented the Holocaust slander and a “halo of victimhood” for their race. The significant Jewish role in Communism was airbrushed out of all the history books.

Today, the Jews are using the mass immigration of Muslims and Africans to try to destroy Europe

Today, instead of their old tactic, Communism, the Jews are using the mass immigration of Muslims and Africans to try to destroy Europe and Christianity as noted in this video here.

If anyone tries to expose the Jewish role in destroying Europe with a Third World invasion, he will likely be dubbed an “anti-Semite” and “someone-who-wants-to-gas-six-million-Jews” since anyone who opposes Jewish policies since World War Two is immediately equated with being a potential mass murderer thanks to the Holocaust, which serves not only as their “get out of jail free” card; it serves as their “get out of any scrutiny whatsoever free” card, which is why it’s so important that we take this card away from the Jews so that people can critically examine whether the Jews are robbing us blind with their federal reserve banking system or committing very real genocidal policies against the White race all over the world.

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