Hillary Clinton Campaign Headed for a Five Spiral Crash

DNC Empty Hillary Speech

by James Buchanan

There have been several signs that Hillary never had any mass appeal except for the usual welfare crowd and radical feminists. She seems to do well among Blacks, but who else really wants her to be president?

With the DNC wikileaks scandal, it looks as though Hillary’s potential support just took another major hit. No doubt millions of Democrats will be staying home or voting for Trump. Many Bernie Sanders supporters feel cheated. Some Democrats are just sick and tired of the Clinton crime family controlling the Democrat Party.

An article on the Gateway Pundit notes “Hillary Clinton Struggles=> Can’t Fill Small Chicago Ballroom. Chicago native Hillary Clinton is struggling to fill a hall with a capacity of only several hundred at a campaign rally Wednesday afternoon in Chicago at the Parkway Ballroom in the South Side Bronzeville neighborhood.”

An article on the Business Insider reports “Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spoke at the Georgetown Institute For Women, Peace and Security and it seems like hardly anyone showed up.”

“Clinton’s remarks… were delivered at Georgetown’s Gaston Hall, an auditorium that seats more than 700 people. However, based on tweets from those who attended the event, many seats were empty.”

Another article asks “Why doesn’t Hillary draw Bernie-sized crowds?”

“Sanders holds massive New York rally, 28,000 appear in Brooklyn. If Hillary Clinton really is 10 points ahead of Bernie Sanders, why is the Vermont senator drawing such huge crowds in New York?.”

The simple answer is Hillary and System Democrats have been stealing votes and state primary elections for her. I’m sure Hillary fans will insist that an ability to draw crowds does not equal an ability to get votes. Well, if that’s true, how come Trump was able to draw the biggest crowds and win the most states? Maybe the Republican primaries aren’t as crooked as the the Democrat primaries.

One news article notes “The gender split is similarly historic, with Trump’s support 22 points higher among white male registered voters than white female registered voters (69 vs. 47 percent), double the largest gap between these groups in previous presidential elections (11 points in 2000).”

As if dealing with half empty meeting halls during her primary campaign wasn’t bad enough, Hillary apparently failed to pack the house during her coronation speech. Pictures are circulating showing what looks like a half empty

Trump Women Vote

Not only was Hillary losing the White male vote (by a landslide); she was trailing Trump among White women despite all the claims that Hillary will win the women’s vote. Trump is only a few percent behind Hillary among Latinos. The only group Hillary seems certain to win is the Black vote.

The latest polls at RealClearPolitics.com have Hillary falling behind in their seven day average for the first time as seen below.

Polls July 27


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