DNC-Wikileaks e-mail Scandals Already Look Catastrophic

ss Hillary

by James Buchanan

The fact that the DNC chairwoman, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz has already resigned is a strong sign that the Democrats know that they are in for the mother of all bad publicity disasters. All of the inside, dirty little secrets and some dirty big secrets have just been spilled out for all the world to see. This scandal could easily mean defeat for Hillary Clinton and may even lead to prison terms for some top Democrats by the time all the information has been processed.

Hillary probably thought she would just coast through this week, mouth all the usual Marxist platitudes appealing to class warfare and racial discord and get her little crown at the end, but someone dropped a nuclear-bomb size scandal right into the lap of the Democrat Convention.

As usual, the first response of Team Hillary has been to lie about this and claim that “the Russians hacked their e-mail” to try to throw the spotlight off crooked Hillary and her fellow rats, who are more comfortable in the shadows. Pat Buchanan also regards this accusation against the Russians as an attempted diversion. No one has a clue who did this at this time. If the Democrats knew they were being hacked, they would not have not said all the incriminating things that they said. This e-mail release has come out of the blue and reveals the top Democrats to be the unscrupulous, unethical criminals that many people on the Right have suspected for decades.

The first and possibly the most damaging scandal for Hillary is the fact that the DNC was openly discussing ways to sabotage Bernie Sanders so he would lose. If they would talk about strategies to sabotage Bernie in their e-mails, what were they doing more secretly? Were they stealing entire states for Hillary? Remember that Hillary was having a hard time half-filling a 700 person meeting hall in Chicago while Bernie was speaking to crowds of 20,000. I would not be surprised if 50 percent or more of Hillary’s votes were simply stolen from Bernie or created out of thin air.

The next major scandal in the e-mails involves the DNC literally ordering the mainstream media to edit their news coverage and what they should and shouldn’t focus on. Stefan Molyneux observed that this basically confirms that the mainstream media is nothing more than an arm of Democrat Party.

An article in the UK Daily Mail reports “Democratic party chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz has stepped down following Bernie Sanders’ call for her resignation in the wake of a humiliating Wikileaks email hack that exposed her bias and showed the party had conspired against the Vermont senator.”

“Party officials took part in crisis talks on Sunday afternoon – the eve of the party’s national convention in Philadelphia – leading to Wasserman Schultz’s resignation at around 4pm.”

Will the millions of Bernie Sanders supporters accept this token effort in the face of possibly criminal behavior by the highest level of the Democrat Party? Or will many of them vote for Trump out of disgust for the way their candidate was cheated now that the undeniably crooked nature of Hillary and the System Democrats has been exposed?

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