David Duke Running for Senate

David Duke

by James Buchanan

A Yahoo News article reports “Former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke, an avowed white supremacist, officially signed up Friday to run for U.S. Senate in Louisiana, saying ‘the climate of this country has moved in my direction.’”

“’I believe my time has come,’ Duke said after submitting his paperwork for the ballot. He added: ‘The people of this country, the patriotic, decent, God-fearing people of this country are now right with me.’”

The populist rebellion within the Republican Party, which has led to Trump becoming the Republican nominee, is a strong sign that White people have woken up to the destructive effects of Latino immigration. People in California have known about this for decades, but the Latino invasion needed to spread to the MidWest and east coast states before White people there woke up to the problem.

Most White people in Louisiana have been racially aware for decades and had adjusted to living with a minority population of dangerous Blacks. The threat of being replaced by Third World invaders or taxed to death by the burden created by Latino invaders has made racial problems much more severe.

The article continues “Duke’s candidacy comes one day after Donald Trump accepted the GOP nomination for president, and Duke said he’s espoused principles for years that are similar to the themes Republicans are now supporting in Trump’s campaign, on issues such as immigration and trade.”

“He said the majority of Americans are ’embracing the core issues I have fought for my entire life.’”

“The launch of Duke’s campaign also comes as the state is grappling with deep racial tensions after the shooting death of a black man by white police officers and the killing of three law enforcement officers by a black man. Duke said he was ‘shattered’ by the slayings of police and said they were ‘one of the things that tipped me to going for this race.’”

Seven and a half years of racial agitating and siding with Black Lives Matter and against the police regardless of circumstances by Barack Obama have greatly worsened race relations with the Blacks. White people are getting tired of increasingly violent and angry Blacks. Recent police shootings by Blacks threaten a break down in law and order. It would be hard to imagine better circumstances for David Duke to run.


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