The Apollo Moon Project and a Future Stolen from us

Apollo Men on the Moon

by James Buchanan

One of the biggest crimes committed by liberal politicians has been the death of America’s manned space program. If it weren’t for liberals and a growing population of Third World parasites, White people in America would have put the first men on the surface of mars a long time ago. If we didn’t have the colossal financial bottomless pit of the Blacks and Latinos, we might have launched the first interstellar spacecraft to build a colony on an earth-like planet on a decades-long mission.

Our manned space program came to an inglorious and pathetic end in December, 1972 when Apollo 17 left the surface of the moon and returned to the earth. Since then, we’ve done little more than launch “astronauts” into low earth orbit and send out robot probes instead of men.

All the engineers, skilled workers and subcontractors, who might have played a role in a manned mission to mars had their future stolen from them. The heroic men and women who might have stepped off a lander to be the first astronauts on mars had their destiny destroyed, and for what? So that crooked liberal Democrats could build up a base of tens of millions of Third World voters as they attempt to create a permanent majority for their corrupt party.

The U.S. government squanders over a trillion dollars per year on hand out programs. Apparently there’s no limit to how much money will be given to parasites as long as they vote Democrat. Any thought of using some of the colossal federal budget even to duplicate the Apollo moon landing for a new generation of Americans is apparently out of the question.

An article from dated April 14, 2010 reports “Obama’s plans for NASA could be ‘devastating’ to the U.S. human space flight program and ‘destines our nation to become one of second- or even third-rate stature,’ three American astronaut heroes said Tuesday.”

“Neil Armstrong, who rarely makes public comments, was the first human to set foot on the moon (47 years ago today). Jim Lovell commanded the famous Apollo 13 flight — an aborted moon mission. And Apollo 17 commander Gene Cernan remains the last human to walk on the lunar surface.”

“In a statement e-mailed to longtime NBC space correspondent Jay Barbree of Merritt Island, all three took exception with Obama’s plan to cancel NASA’s return-to-the-moon program, dubbed Project Constellation.”

America under Barack Obama and the Democrat Party is a Third World nation and Third World nations don’t have advanced manned space programs. We need a radical change to become a great nation once again. We have a chance to change America’s direction this election. Let’s hope we’re still up to the task.

Apollo Relics on the Moon


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