Blacks Staging Mass Protests, Attacks on Police, Liberals Banning Guns

Ferguson 2

by Jeff Davis

We are seeing a rapid deterioration of race relations in America that can only be compared to the race riots of the 1960s, the Rodney King riots in Los Angeles in 1992 or the recent riots and looting in Ferguson, Missouri.

A Fox News article reports “More than 100 people were arrested and 21 police officers injured in Minnesota Saturday night when protests over recent police killings of black men morphed into rioting.”

A Chicago Tribune article reports “For the fifth consecutive day, crowds of demonstrators gathered downtown Monday to protest police violence against African-Americans.”

“A sit-in in Millennium Park organized by Chicago high school students was followed by a rally in Federal Plaza and a march that clogged traffic into the early evening as hundreds of protesters wound their way through sweltering downtown streets.”

The massacre of police in Dallas took place during a similar protest march by a large crowd of Blacks. One wonders how long it will be for these marches to turn into riots and looting. We could be looking at an unprecedented level of racial violence in our big cities.

So what are our politicians doing to stop this? They are trying to take guns away from law-abiding citizens!

The Washington Examiner states: “Calls for strict gun control following a deadly week in America come despite new statistics that show gun deaths plummeting as sales of firearms soar.”

“According to the industry’s trade group, the National Shooting Sports Foundation, homicides by gun have dropped 43 percent since 1991. Other crime with a gun such as robberies have decreased even more, by 70 percent since 1993.”

And why is this? The book “More Guns, Less Crime” explains and documents the connection between more armed citizens and less violent crime as muggers and rapists begin to learn that their targets can suddenly fight back. Three Strike laws have also been very effective in taking the worst career criminals off the streets, but liberal Mayors, Governors and District Attorneys have been undermining Three Strike laws in many states. In California, voters were fooled into voting for Proposition 47, which has released thousands of supposed low level criminals onto the streets, which has led to a steady increase in crime.

The Examiner article continues “In a graphic display of the numbers, NSSF also showed that unintentional deaths with a gun have dropped 82 percent.”

“Along the way, gun sales have soared to 140 million a year, and 41 percent of Americans say they have a gun in their home. President Obama spoke twice this week about the need for more gun control in the wake of the Dallas police deaths and two deadly police shootings, in Louisiana and Minnesota. But gun rights advocates suggested instead that having a gun is the answer to self protection.”

“‘We’re urging all of our customers, including members of law enforcement and civilians, to stay vigilant. The best defense against a mass shooting is to buy a gun, get trained to use that gun, and carry it all the time,’ said Justin Anderson, the marketing director of Hyatt Guns of Charlotte, N.C., one of the nation’s biggest sellers.”

Nice try, Justin, but you’re attempting to insert reason and logic into a “debate” which is susceptible to neither.

The gun control advocates don’t really care about crime or the victims of mass shootings. If they did, they would begin their gun seizure efforts on the streets of Chicago, Baltimore, and Detroit, where Blacks are slaughtering each other every day and more so on the weekends. But we don’t talk about that in the politically correct world of politics.

If you don’t have a gun, buy one now before the inevitable race riots break out. Plan ahead. Get a concealed carry permit if you live in a free state that allows you to protect yourself. Not only do you have to worry about Black riots in all the big cities with their pent up hatred of police and White people in general, you have to worry about politicians taking away your ability to defend yourself. If you get a gun now, you’ll likely be grandfathered in and protected from future bans of effective, high capacity pistols and rifles, and if all hell breaks loose, you’ll at least be able to defend yourself and your family.


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