Sham “Investigation” of Hillary about to Wind Down

Hillary 11

by Jeff Davis

The Daily Caller reports: “Former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton is scheduled to meet Saturday with the FBI, a source close to the investigation into her private email server tells The Daily Caller.”

“The source went on to suggest the interview may take place at her Washington , D.C. home.”

Will the gentlemen in the suits be allowed to bring any recording equipment? Or would that be too “adversarial?”

“The bureau’s interview with the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee is believed to be the final step in its investigation into the potential mishandling of classified information on Clinton ’s private email server.”

After 15 months, it’s about time.

“Hundreds of now-classified documents — some of them Top Secret — were sent and received through Clinton’s private server, which she housed at her New York residence during her tenure at the State Department.”

“FBI investigators have already interviewed several Clinton aides, including her former chief of staff Cheryl Mills and her deputy chief of staff, Huma Abedin. Investigators have also interviewed Bryan Pagliano, the former State Department information technology specialist who maintained Clinton ’s server. The Justice Department gave Pagliano limited immunity in exchange for his cooperation in the probe.”

“Scheduling the meeting on a holiday weekend will likely help with logistical issues for both the FBI and the Clinton campaign. Clinton has no campaign events listed on her schedule which means she will not be tailed by the usual pack of campaign reporters. The FBI has sought to avoid drawing attention to its probe by bringing in witnesses in secret. That strategy has been successful, as reports of meetings have only come out once they were held.”

Cutting to the chase, Barack Obama is not going to let Hillary be indicted. This whole procedure has been a farce from beginning to end and my guess is this FBI director Comey has thrown in the towel and decided to write up some non-committal report and kick it upstairs to Loretta Lynch so she can use it for toilet paper or whatever.

The only good thing is that the court of public opinion knows that Hillary Clinton at the very least was guilty of recklessly endangering national security by arrogantly insisting that the rules did not apply to her. If a lesser government bureaucrat put top secret material on his home server against standard government protocol, he would be going to jail -no if’s, and’s or but’s.

Hillary Clinton however is above the law, and all the evidence in the world is not going to lead to her going to jail for flagrant violation of the law.

The real reason for Hillary demanding a private server was to evade government oversight so that she could take bribes from foreign governments. That’s why the rules are there to prevent a corrupt government official from doing that.


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