What White Privilege?

Racial Quota Holder

by James Buchanan

For the last few years, we’ve been told over and over by the Jewish-owned liberal media that White people in America enjoy something called “White Privilege.” This is one of the most staggeringly dishonest media campaigns of all time and all too typical of elite liberal circles which have been anti-White for decades.

For over forty years White people have been last in line for college entry, jobs and promotions because of the federal government pressuring colleges to admit minorities and pressuring corporations to hire less qualified Black and Latino job applicants to make up for “past discrimination.” Of course no one ever asks the question: When will we stop discriminating against White applicants and how will we make up for the last forty years of discrimination against White people??

Exactly how much discrimination took place against Blacks in the 1950s and earlier? Not that much. In most cases, White people were the better qualified for jobs. You could probably count on the fingers of both hands the number of times that a college-educated Black was denied a job for which he was the better candidate. The liberal media however created a myth that Blacks were being discriminated against, and that society “needed” to discriminate against White people to make up for a tiny number of cases of anti-Black discrimination as if the federal government should be pushing its way in and imposing “solutions” that make things worse.

The cases of anti-White discrimination in terms of government and private sector hiring probably run into the millions over the last forty years. Any young White college graduate can tell you that his phone isn’t ringing off the hook and we can thank the bad economy under Barack Obama and an oppressive network of anti-White discrimination for the fact that many young White college graduates are stuck living with their parents well beyond graduation day.

Sane people would obviously say that NO DISCRIMINATION by race would be the best policy, but we haven’t done this for over forty years, and there’s apparently no end in sight to the age of “reverse discrimination” also known as (anti-White) racial quotas or the euphemistic “Affirmative Action.”

Not only does our government mandate anti-White discrimination, but even private scholarships discriminate against Whites because being anti-White is fashionable and popular in elite liberal circles. An article from adversity.net notes “On Sept. 16, 1999 Bill Gates, Mr. Microsoft himself, told a stunned nation that he is excluding white children from $1 billion in scholarship funds.” Bill Gates’ financial empire was built largely by the work of White software engineers. Gates apparently thinks that the best way to pay them back is to racially discriminate against their White children!

The only advantage that White people have is genetic. White people have an average IQ of 100 while American Blacks have an average IQ of 85 and Latinos have an average IQ of 87. Unfortunately, having a higher IQ no longer means that you’ll get the job or have a long, successful career. White people will find that they have the opposite of “privilege” when it comes to getting jobs, keeping jobs or getting promotions. We can thank militant liberals and Jews for setting up this anti-White system. These are the same deceitful individuals, who run around trying to say that White people enjoy “White privilege” while the complete opposite is true today.

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