Two Years for a Court Hearing to Deport an Illegal Alien


by Jeff Davis

This is one of those sappy liberal “human interest” articles, the upshot of which is: “Gee, we’re being so mean to these poor dark-skinned people. How about we just abolish this whole border thing and let everybody in.” This is of course essentially what Obama has done. But this article does have some interesting material in it.

The Dallas News reports “Jeong-Seok Kang nervously slides into a seat at a wooden table in front of the judge. Kang, a slim, middle-age man, is from South Korea. He’d been living in the Dallas area for years when, after he was stopped on a road trip near El Paso, authorities discovered he had an expired visa and began deportation proceedings against him.”

Obligatory liberal bleeding heart sob story snipped.

“Kang has been in America long enough to raise two sons and run a family-owned doughnut shop in Irving. After years of worrying, he thinks he’s about to find out his fate. Things look promising. But Sims sets a merit hearing for Dec. 6, 2017.”

Notice they’re focusing on an east Asian, often referred to as the “model minority.” Notice they didn’t do an article on an Iranian, who’s slipping roofies into a White girl’s drink at the local club or an MS13 gang banger from El Salvador, selling drugs and shooting people in East L.A.

The bottom line is there are no more deportations of illegals in this country unless A) You’re White, or B) You do something so grossly criminal and disgusting that the power structure understands that it would be more trouble than it’s worth to try and overlook whatever it was. In those cases the illegal alien is deported with great fanfare to “prove” that deportations haven’t stopped 100.0000%. I wonder how often the deportation consists of sending the deportee across the border into Nuevo Laredo or Ciudad Juarez on a bus and dropping him off on a street corner. Most are back in the United States the same week.

We have a unique and extremely rare opportunity with Donald Trump to potentially mass deport the illegal aliens and buy ourselves more time to wake up White people in the U.S. Trump is not taking special interest money so we can trust him a lot more than the politicians whored out to the employers of illegal aliens. Don’t listen to the hopeless pessimists and enemy trolls who tell you to do nothing. That’s how we got in this mess in the first place.

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