Trump Beats Hillary in Three General Election Polls

Trump vs Clinton

by James Buchanan

The liberal media has been loudly proclaiming that “Trump is behind Hillary” in recent polls. Just four weeks ago there were three polls showing Trump ahead of Hillary. Funny how there was so little -if any- mention of those polls in the liberal media.

Does anyone seriously believe that Hillary has suddenly become more like-able in the month since these polls were taken? What’s more likely: that Hillary’s image has changed for the better, that people see her as being more honest and less crooked now or that Hillary’s operatives are bribing polling companies to create bogus polls?

Some pollsters will even preface their question by inserting some “hit piece” news article against Trump. For example, imagine a pollster saying: “Donald Trump just said that a Latino judge hearing the Trump University lawsuit is biased against him. After that horrible, ‘racist’ remark, who do you want for president, Trump or Hillary?”

Naturally, they leave out the fact that the Trump university lawsuit is completely frivolous and pales in comparison to Hillary’s multiple felony violations of national security laws (so she could take foreign bribes).

The liberal media also doesn’t mention that the Latino judge in the Trump lawsuit is a member of La Raza, a militant Latino racial organization. This would be like a White judge, who belonged to the Klan, hearing a case for a Black defendant, but the liberals have us brainwashed never to put the shoe on the other foot, and ask “Is this fair?”

It’s true that there are millions of “wobbly” Americans, who can’t seem to make up their minds on anything including changing America into a refugee center for hundreds of millions of Third World invaders. It’s possible that some of them may be fooled by the latest media attacks against Trump.

Still most Americans don’t want their jobs outsourced and don’t want to be gunned down like defenseless sheep by a crazed Muslim terrorist. We can’t trust System politicians like Hillary to do anything in our best interests. If she didn’t care about those four Americans, who got killed in Benghazi, thanks to her inaction, she surely won’t care about our lives being ended early by some of those Syrian “refugees” that she wants to let in.

The only major thing to happen since May is the Orlando mass shooting thanks to a Muslim terrorist –and Hillary wants more of them here!!

There’s also a new book by a Secret Service agent coming out in July that talks about what a horrible individual Hillary is to the people who work for her.

Don’t be discouraged by these anti-Trump polls. Many, if not all of them are fraudulent, and sometimes it takes time to counteract the liberal media lies. Just remember, the pundits and the pollsters were predicting that Jeb Bush would win, not that long ago.

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