Jobs Still Being Outsourced


by Jeff Davis

One of the most horrific acts that political correctness and big corporate greed has inflicted on native-born White Americans in is their replacement by cheap Third World labor —labor the displaced employees are often required to train themselves.

The New York Times reports: “American corporations are under new scrutiny from federal lawmakers after well-publicized episodes in which the companies laid off American workers and gave the jobs to foreigners on temporary visas. But while corporate executives have been outspoken in defending their labor practices before Congress and the public, the American workers who lost jobs to global outsourcing companies have been largely silent. Until recently. Now some of the workers who were displaced are starting to speak out, despite severance agreements prohibiting them from criticizing their former employers.”

“Marco Peña was among about 150 technology workers who were laid off in April by Abbott Laboratories, a global health care conglomerate with headquarters here. They handed in their badges and computer passwords, and turned over their work to a company based in India. But Mr. Peña, who had worked at Abbott for 12 years, said he had decided not to sign the agreement that was given to all departing employees, which included a nondisparagement clause.”

This is truly adding insult to injury –trying to silence people who are losing their jobs to cheap foreign labor. Thankfully, we finally have a presidential candidate who wants to do something about this economic treason. People can vote for Donald Trump or they can meekly cry in the restroom after training some Pakistani to take over their jobs. Just don’t cry too loudly or that might be violating the nondisparagement clause.


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