Latest Islamic Terrorist Attack, 50 Dead in Orlando

Omar Mateen

by James Buchanan

Remember when the liberal media was condemning Donald Trump for calling for a ban on Muslim immigration to the U.S. to keep out terrorists. Many spineless System Republicans also sided against Trump.

Well, it looks like Trump has been proven right again in not trusting Muslims, only the problem is more serious than just new immigrants. Fools and traitors in our government have been allowing Muslims into the United States for decades now, and the latest Muslim terrorist was born in New York to Afghan parents. Perhaps, Trump should expand his proposed ban to include expelling all Muslims.

A DailyMail news article reports “Donald Trump leveled a national-security flamethrower at Hillary Clinton on Tuesday, blaming her for embracing an immigration policy that would drive more Islamic radicals to stage terror attacks like the one from which Orlando, Florida is only beginning to recover.”

“Clinton, he said, would negligently implement a ‘catastrophic immigration plan’ that would ‘bring vastly more radical Islamic immigrants into this country, threatening not only our society but our entire way of life.'”

“‘Ignorance is not bliss,’ he said in a half-hour speech at Saint Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire.”

“‘It’s deadly. Totally deadly.”

“Trump castigated the former secretary of state for comments she made in November 2015 during a speech to the Council on Foreign Relations.”

“‘Let’s be clear: Islam is not our adversary,’ Clinton said then. ‘Muslims are peaceful and tolerant people and have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism.'”

“‘That is Hillary Clinton,’ Trump said, hammering her for her response to the weekend’s bloodbath…”

Hillary is taking large donations from people like the Saudis. Whatever Hillary does will NOT be in the best interests of the United States, and you can bet that Hillary doesn’t care if Americans get killed by radical Muslims here in the U.S. anymore than she cared about the four Americans killed at Benghazi due to her negligence.


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