Hillary Can’t Draw a Crowd, but we’re Told she’s Beating Sanders

Hillary 20

by Jeff Davis

Imagine cops running through the streets bashing young Democrat lefty kids with their clubs. Tear gas wafting through the night breeze. Hollering and screaming and bottles flying through the air just like Chicago, 1968. Could this happen at the Democrat convention in Philadelphia? It just might given how badly divided the party is, not to mention questions of vote fraud and a rigged primary system.

The Daily Caller reports: “More than twenty thousand people have committed to protest Hillary Clinton’s likely nomination at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia — and that number is quickly growing.”

“The protesters are united in their support for Bernie Sanders, as well as their opposition to ‘a fraudulent Hillary nomination,’ according to the group’s website…”

The liberal media and the Democrat Party have been telling us that Hillary is “way ahead” of Sanders. Hillary supposedly has 2.5 million more votes than Bernie, but if you judge things by how big a crowd a candidate can draw, Hillary should be the big loser.

An article on the Gateway Pundit notes “Hillary Clinton Struggles=> Can’t Fill Small Chicago Ballroom. Chicago native Hillary Clinton is struggling to fill a hall with a capacity of only several hundred at a campaign rally Wednesday afternoon in Chicago at the Parkway Ballroom in the South Side Bronzeville neighborhood.”

An article on the Business Insider reports “Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spoke at the Georgetown Institute For Women, Peace and Security and it seems like hardly anyone showed up.”

“Clinton’s remarks… were delivered at Georgetown’s Gaston Hall, an auditorium that seats more than 700 people. However, based on tweets from those who attended the event, many seats were empty.”

Another article asks “Why doesn’t Hillary draw Bernie-sized crowds?”

“Sanders holds massive New York rally, 28,000 appear in Brooklyn. If Hillary Clinton really is 10 points ahead of Bernie Sanders, why is the Vermont senator drawing such huge crowds in New York?.”

The simple answer is Hillary and System Democrats have been stealing votes and state primary elections for her. I’m sure Hillary fans will insist that an ability to draw crowds does not equal an ability to get votes. Well, if that’s true, how come Trump was able to draw the biggest crowds and win the most states? Maybe the Republican primaries aren’t as crooked as the the Democrat primaries.

A Washington Post article notes “Clinton’s image is at or near record lows among major demographic groups. Among men, she is at minus 40. Among women, she is at minus nine. Among whites, she is at minus 39. Among white women, she is at minus 25. Among white men, she is 17 positive, 72 negative.”

Even if someone dismisses the importance of being able to draw a big crowd (which is a big thing to overlook in an election where the people should decide the election) how does Hillary win states when only 17 percent of White men view her favorably?

A number of talk show hosts have brought up Hillary Clinton’s gender gap which is more of “Grand Canyon” than a gap. Most normal men view Hillary as cringe-worthy often comparing her to a nagging mother-in-law or ex-wife from hell. Add to that Hillary’s staggering reputation as the most dishonest politician in recent political history.

The liberal media however keeps trying to pretend that Trump has a serious gender gap with women even though Trump won 59 percent of the female vote in the New York GOP primary. Seems like Trump’s gender gap is much exaggerated. Hillary’s gender gap is completely real and should be the headline story on all the cable news channels.

Still, the fix is in for Hillary. The System politicians in the Democrat Party are collaborating with Hillary to steal the nomination for her. The woman who can’t fill up a meeting hall which holds only a few hundred seats is “beating” Bernie Sanders, who can draw tens of thousands of people in most states. We’re supposed to believe Hillary is winning most of the primaries, but the vote-counting is done by the same System politicians, who are in Hillary’s back pocket.

I can’t blame the Bernie Sanders supporters if they feel they’ve been cheated. They were royally cheated and they’ve been stuck with a thoroughly lame, unlike-able candidate, who’s got little chance against the wildly popular Republican candidate, Donald Trump.


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