American Girl Viciously Stabbed at UCLA by Black Student from Belize

Damon Thompson

Victim Kathy Rosen almost dies from blood loss.

by James Buchanan

On Thursday, October 8th, 2009, Kathy Rosen was trying to finish a chemistry lab at UCLA. Another student in the class, Damon Thompson stabbed her five times with a six inch kitchen knife, he had brought with him that day, and then slashed her throat. The assault took place in front of 30 people. Thompson then dropped the knife and walked away. Students and a teacher rushed to her aid as a great quantity of blood spilled out from the wounds. Her eyes rolled back in her head and she turned pale as they applied pressure to the wounds.

Lab classes at UCLA often assign people to work in teams, and Kathy had the misfortune to be teamed up with Damon Thompson, a native of Belize. Belize is one of the most backward nations in Central America and it’s very difficult to believe that Thompson with his low forehead and prognathous jaw was even remotely qualified to attend a quality university in the US. No doubt some poor White kid had to be kicked aside to make room for this creature.

To add insult to injury, news has come out that Thompson had shown signs of severe mental illness, accusing his professors of saying derogatory things about him during exams even though no one else heard any of the remarks that he claimed to hear.

One news article notes “A UCLA professor who taught the student accused of slashing a female classmate’s throat last week said Saturday that he told a university administrator 10 months ago that he had concerns about the student’s mental health, but strict federal privacy laws prevent UCLA officials from disclosing how they handled the issue. Stephen Frank, an associate professor in the university’s history department, met the suspect, undergraduate student Damon Thompson, when he enrolled in the instructor’s Western civilization class late last year, Frank said in an interview. Frank said he grew concerned about Thompson in mid-December 2008, after the student sent several e-mails complaining that classmates sitting around him had been disruptive and made offensive comments to him while he was taking a written exam… University officials have acknowledged that ‘Thompson was known to our student affairs office prior to the incident,’ but could not disclose information about the suspect, citing privacy laws.”

Why is it that evidence that a Black quota-student from Belize is crazy, paranoid and possibly a danger to the people around him is covered up by strict privacy laws, while everyone else in America has their communications routinely spied on by Homeland Security?

Another article reports “Thompson pulled out a knife and began stabbing the victim for no apparent reason… Authorities said the victim, identified in court as Katherine Rosen, 20, suffered five stab wounds and a slashed throat. Rosen was taken to Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center in critical condition but has been steadily improving, doctors said.”

So an American student was nearly killed because of a policy to bring Third World primitives into the US. One can only hope that the victim sues the heck out of UCLA authorities for doing nothing about the complaints and evidence that Damon Thompson was profoundly mentally ill.

Perhaps it’s time to consider if ANY Third World people should be let into the US. Third World immigrants lower the pay rate for jobs from the fast food service to the high tech industry, where Hindu ersatz high tech workers are hired regardless of how marginal their education or intelligence may be. If the United States wants to maintain a high standard of living, we need to stop all Third World immigration, which invariably brings crime, lower wages, a huge tax burden and less competency in the high tech world.


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